Lions (zodiac sign).

As life goes on, like a queen - proud, confident and beautiful.It causes admiration and envy as the girls, and men.So can only Lions (zodiac sign).Women Queen often can not transcend themselves, disobedient, aspire to leadership.They do not doubt in his own perfection and become the chosen partner for yourself.In this article you read a detailed horoscope.

Leo (zodiac sign)

woman who was born in the period from July 23 to August 22 - Leo horoscope.It is purposeful, proud, energetic and able to find a solution even in the most difficult situations.It is easy to conquer flattery: it just confident in its merits.So the idea that such praise - it's just a lie, do not even come to mind.

What vital forces have Lions (Sign)?

Women queen - the most simple response.They are very energetic.Their strength and capacity enough for everything: family life and raising children, and friends, and a brilliant career.Girls love to be entertained, and Lionesses are a good judge.They are not interested in fresh everyday routine and boring simple gatherings in restaurants and clubs.They prefer to access to receptions, receptions, theatrical performances and concerts.Most artistic and extravagant party-goers - a Lions (Sign) women.

Love relationship

very passionate and ardent nature.If you fall in love, it is ready to do everything for the sake of the elect.But when choosing a partner to create a family governed by a sober calculation and common sense.It cherishes family relationships.True, but if her husband be disappointed, you can go search for a new man.Sexually set free only with a loved one.

Lions (Sign): women and career

Lioness Among housewives are very few, since these women tend to have a career.To this end, it has all the qualities:

  • diligence;
  • perseverance;
  • responsibility;
  • punctuality;
  • learning and sensitivity;
  • organization;
  • creative approach to any business.

Compatibility with other signs

female lion and a male fish - not the best union.She constantly wants to hear enthusiastic compliments wants to communicate with others.A man does not like to fish further ado and wants privacy.They are different in everything.Just a couple of things are going to, "the woman Leo, Capricorn man."

two lions get along well.But they lack the prudence, as both wasteful.

Virgo man will approach this queen only if it manages to give her half the royal conditions.With

man Gemini Union will develop harmoniously.They both like to be in the community, to talk, to spend money and eat.

Scorpio man can win the heart of Lioness at first sight.But this alliance is a long-term, only if both will be able to give each other.

Best Partner - is a Sagittarius.He will admire his lioness.And for her, it is very important.

Leo (zodiac sign): characterization of unsold woman

Lionesses often met women who can only dream of, and generate ideas.But before implementing it does not reach.Or just started not brought to the end.This girl needs help a stranger, she just did not have enough strength.As soon as she gets extra energy, so soon start operating fully.