Practical Astrology: Taurus men in relationships

What is man, born under the sign of Taurus?One of the remarkable features of his character - the slowness.He thinks for a long time before you commit any serious act and economize figure out what it might mean for him, there will not be worse than what there is at the moment.Taurus inert, but it is based on the quality of their natural solidity.More men are very practical, take care of the material stability of the family.With him, none of the household will never go around the world.And, according to astrologers, this is one of the signs of the zodiac, which are by definition great family man.

Pluses and minuses mark

giving response to what the men in the Taurus relationship, should take into account the specificity of the original features of the sign and its relationship with other sectors of the zodiac.Speaking about the partnership, friendship and cooperation, the Taurus in any case reliable, faithful.They can rely on - a type of musketeers, who will fight with you in a pair of back to back, and will cover your rear.And love male Taurus, interpersonal relations is also quite stable.They are capable of a long passion, a strong and vibrant.However, in sex, they can be quite rude, but strong and hardy, temperamental sort of macho, quite meet his native name of the constellation.What else are guided Taurus men in a relationship, so it's impulsive, emotional, sincere, that in itself is not bad.Healthy rationality peculiar to them, too, of course.But rather, it is not an innate element and blagopriobretёnny.And if it is turned off and turned on course, on the level of instincts, jealousy, rage, every second Taurus loses control of himself and becomes unmanageable.It is also difficult to agree with the representatives of the stronger sex, influence them, if you are caught drinking male calf.In a relationship with them will have to take a harder line and to keep an audio blunders.But under favorable circumstances are ideal husband - caring, attentive, generous, try to provide a family all the best.They look beautiful, generous with gifts and kind words.After decades of living together, a man calls his wife Taurus diminutive, and jokes about his possible polygamous perceives as a personal insult.And he is also the father of an ideal: to the extent of a strict, responsible, gentle.He knows how to find the right words to talk sincerely with teenage son or the young men, and it is quite possible to leave the baby-baby - Taurus perfectly cope with all.

Taurus in the current year and the present day

As for the organization of a "personal front" advise the astrologers?First, choose mates of such marks as Capricorn, Virgo, Pisces or Cancer.Second, stay away from Aquarius, Strelchih, women Libra and Gemini.Sexual relations are bright and pleasant, good with the ladies their same sign.Also nice is combined with a lioness, rams, Skorpionshami Taurus man.2013m year, by the way, it was possible to see how these tips are valid.After his second half was for most of the Taurus "control shot": unstable relations were broken off, and if the separation took place, but stupidly, half rediscover each other.What promises horoscope for today?Taurus man is doomed to cluttered affairs, financial turmoil, and even conflicts with colleagues or friends are looming on the horizon.Because hurried home, but not "dive" into the TV or computer.After all, your spouse will give you today is good news!

In general, good luck, health and happiness!