Virgo: the dates within which the number is dominated by the sign of the zodiac?

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Determine Sign a person born in the first half of the month, and at the very end, it's easy.Difficulties arise in people who were born at the junction of two representatives of the horoscope.As a rule, this applies to born in the 19-24 days of the month.In this article we look at the duration of this zodiac sign is Virgo.On the dates within which the it operates, we learn below.And analyze the methods by which one can accurately know their zodiac sign.

Virgo: the dates within which the number?

Zodiac - it is nothing like the position of the sun at the moment of birth.In the professional astrology is considered incorrect to use such a name.Accepted such a situation is called a solar sign.During the year the twelve constellations of light passes.Time of its location in one of the 12 representatives of the horoscope and the duration of the "reign" of a particular zodiac sign.Late summer and early autumn - a time when astrology Virgo dominates.On the dates within which the last sign of this?On average, it starts on 22-24 August and lasts until September 21-24.But count the exact boundaries of the sign, like any other, should be every year, because they are constantly changing.

Virgo begins with a number?

If you were born at the junction of the sign preceding it and the Lion, then you to accurately determine its need to build a solar protector of his natal chart.It will show the position in your personal horoscope is not only the sun but also from other planets.To properly map the need to know the exact time of birth, because astrology sometimes have value, and seconds.To learn about the sign of Virgo, with some of it starts in a given year, also need this particular instrument.But there is one feature.Is not entirely correct is a question about the sign of Virgo: "From within which the it is dominated by?".It is not in the numbers business.It may be (and usually, so it really is), that some part of the day still belongs to Leo, and only a certain period of the day goes to the power of the Virgin.The average characteristics of the beginning and end of the sign had been given earlier in the article.

Virgo: a brief description of

Temperament people born under this sign is characterized by melancholy and restraint.This modest hardworking, simple and quiet, quite sociable.At the same time Virgin dryish and pedantic, sometimes even boring.The positive qualities of this Zodiac sign are diligent perseverance, perseverance and incredible performance, peace of mind, a sense of duty and diligence, conscientiousness.Negative same characteristics can be attributed to excessive criticality, coldness, cynicism, in rare cases - the crafty, unscrupulous and ruthless.Externally Dev can be found on a fairly tall, thin facial features.They move silently and softly.Excellent know how to behave in society.Often hold high the ruling positions.Life is quiet and they long.