Magic piggy bank

Barely lit

not every family has a piggy bank, but not everyone knows what it should be, to really attract money ....

first piggy bank appeared a long time ago.To have survived from pigs orange clay that molded in the Middle Ages in England.In throwing a piggy bank coin.When it is filled to the top, it broke.Over time, the piggy bank changes its shape and color, until finally he turned to gray soulless safe.
If you like piggy banks animals remember their magical properties :

piggy - a symbol of the ever-growing wealth;
doggie - not only keeps the money, but also to protect them from thieves;
OWL - gives wisdom to the disposal of wealth;
PROTEIN - symbol of the rapid enrichment;
CAT - gives a cunning and powerful friends who will help you to increase your revenue.

piggy attract wealth into your home, you can make your own hands , for example, make a money pouch.
also your piggy bank can be already ready the bank or box.
main thing - to believe that your piggy bank is really magical, and will bring you a lot of money.

The best color for a piggy bank - green, gold and purple.
always do a piggy bank on a new moon, when the moon together will grow your wealth.So, you've chosen a suitable container for the future of millions obkleila her paper or cloth desired color (or bought ready-made), and now want to activate the energy piggy bank.For this purpose there is a special ritual.

Healers advised before filling the treasury with money, read the plot from thieves: "Gracious God does not give the sun to go backwards. So the thief will not take my. Now, for ever and ever. Amen."

now - the words to attract money, "Whenever God will remember, I will take out a ruble. Lord let the recall, and a ruble multiplied. In the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen."

To enhance the storage properties in the treasury of hidden nuts, corn, red pepper, amethyst, turquoise, rice, a bag of green tea, a slice of horseradish, sorrel, cinnamon, mint.

If your home bank is made of glass, how can often put a piggy bank to sunlight.If the glass will crack or break - a very bad omen.In this case, the treasury should immediately throw it away and replace it with a new one.

Piggy in any case should not be empty!

save money in a piggy bank with the idea of ​​good, dreaming of those things that you want to buy on their savings.

Forget to save for a rainy day.

When will break the piggy bank , saying, "I release the spirit of wealth and prosperity. Money - the money, you are free, fly, run, to me his friends behave!"

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