Bath bombs - an unforgettable experience at home

bath bombs are an excellent means of relaxation and enjoyment.Once in the water, they begin to spin, hissing and bubbling, with a pleasant aroma spreading a variety of essential oils and fragrances added to them.This procedure is the ultimate tool for relaxation after a busy and hard day.In addition, it is a great power and softening skin.After taking a bath, you can experience the incredible lightness of his body and inexpressible tenderness of the skin.

bombs bath with his hands

Girls know that these bath bombs can be easily manufactured in a pleasant homely atmosphere.And most importantly - the process can be connected to all his boundless imagination, because you have access to any form of any smell, any color.To begin construction, you need to buy base, suitable for any bath bombs.It comprises a base oil (jojoba oil, grape, olive, coconut or more), citric acid, cream or milk, soda and a little water.And then, as they say, for every taste and color, you can add a variety of dyes, oils, perfumes.In this process, a very impressive production time - only 3 minutes!The main thing - to understand exactly what you expect from the result.

started manufacturing.First you need to prepare all the necessary: ​​

- capacity, which will get involved in the mix for the bath bombs;

- tablespoon;

- volumetric pipette;

- citric acid;

- soda;

- essential oils;

- cream powder;

- gloves.

Next, knead the mixture in the right proportions: one part citric acid and two parts milk and soda.For example, if milk and citric acid you take two tablespoons, then soda should be at least four tablespoons.Then add a tablespoon of any of the base oil.After mixing should get quite crumbly and dry mix to which you need to spray from the sprinkler, and then stir it well.At this stage, you need to pay due attention to one important point: if you add too much water, you will unnecessary at this stage of the reaction, and as a result, may not turn out bombs.You have to get the consistency of wet sand.Then you can add a few drops of essential oils or perfumes.

into prepared molds can apply the mixture, carefully tamping it.This process is reminiscent of the summer, the sea, where children make cakes out of sand.

Now you can relax, leaving this to dry weight.But it is better to cover the molds come wrapped in a plastic bag to oil is not eroded.Balls for a bath can be dry in different ways - from two days to two weeks.It depends on the components added thereto.

bombs ready!On request they can be repainted in a more pleasing color.Keep these balls for a long time.

That's how you can quickly and easily make bath bombs.With their help, you can relax in a scented bath after a busy day.