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multimillionaire Konstantin Zolotukhin declared war on its equity holders ...

Lord, what is happening in Russia?Polonsky did not give it to finish the tower, is accused of embezzlement of billions of dollars, was tortured by the courts.And then there was his former friend on the "Edelweiss" was in a difficult position.Can not residential complex "Nikolsky-Troubetzkoy" Balashikha finish.Ten years of hard work and no ... And then there are the hated real estate investors do not want to live spokoyno- wait another decade.And indeed, that this irrepressible need to write vezde- complain spoke in the wheel is inserted.But not to fall.Do you want to take away their money zhdat- and Wali.There is no penalty under the law I will not, it's not in my plans, because hurt my well-being.But nezadacha- co-investors began to apply to the court to defend their legitimate rights, and in fact can be here and suffer.And when Constantine decided to tamp holders more thorough.What should be done to stop the "revolt" - to neutralize the ringleader.So I did.Choose a target poinitsiativnee, I shared the apartment they bought (by the way in custody of the court from every adversity) into two, and bought myself a big one.Well, to make it look legitimate from the point of view of the law, has decided to issue it in the property through the courts, as the facility under construction.The plan almost succeeded, but the court decided the time to study the matter more thoroughly.

Although this particular case.For each dissenting find their interventions, to whom a notice of termination of the agreement would send who block the entrance to the construction site, who threatens the keys of the apartment does not give.But it's a set of whips.And to have broken and cakes, for example, issuing keys from the apartment to repair.However, except for electricity, no communication is not working.Sewer replaces booth in front of the entrance, next to vodu- capacity.Although one woman received the keys 9 years waiting for this moment, so cry not believing his luck.While most keys to obtain beware.And if the promised warmth for the winter will not be?Repair remodel again?The developer does not compensate for the costs because, why would he unnecessary costs.Again the court?Tired already of all vessels, only now it is 13.That calculation of the developer.Free credit resources at a premium.Apparently the change in legislation that will protect the actual co-investors, many did not wait.At this rate, our district will be built more than a century.

raises a lot of questions on the work of the BTI measurements of apartments in one of the buildings in the area of ​​the apartments have included the entire area between the separation walls, even the plumbing risers.It seems that this issue is not clearly regulated by law.Questions from the social facilities are also waiting for the decision, and in fact planned a huge estate: 26 multi-story monoliths, shopping center, underground parking for all buildings, two kindergartens, schools, clinics.Who built five buildings, all in various stages of readiness.

So you want everyone in the world to live in peace, and their long-awaited apartments, but you need to do quite a bit to the developer fulfilled its contractual obligations.But all the time he was something interferes.As a result, hopes for the safe completion of construction for thousands of real estate investors and co-investors are less and less ... that's what is happening.