How to handle Victoria in the fall: tips and tricks

Victoria - it is beautiful, delicious and flavorful berry.It grows not only in the southern regions, but also in the European part of Russia.Due to its stunning taste, Victoria has become one of the most popular fruits in children and adults.The article focuses on how to properly handle Victoria that year after year it brings more harvest.To care for her, and in the spring and fall.

How to handle Victoria autumn

Plant Care consists of three stages.This is a mandatory trimming shrubs, fertilization and preparation of Victoria for the winter period.Let us consider in detail each of the stages.


How to handle Victoria in the fall?Where to begin?The most important and necessary in the process of courting strawberry - is timely pruning bushes.As a rule, the leaves are removed and a mustache.This procedure is necessary in order to give the plant rest after active growth and fruiting.It stimulates the plant to prepare the next year and rejuvenates it.This treatment can improve the condition of each bush.Over the summer, the leaves could accumulate pests.When pruning you will naturally improve plant.Remove leaves and mustache can be as early as September.To do this, it's best to use the garden shears, pruning shears or a sharp knife.Trim leaves at approximately 10 cm from the ground, at the same time careful not to damage the growing point.After the procedure should be carried out weeding rows.Earth between the need to loosen and, if necessary, pour fresh soil to cover the roots bare.


How to handle Victoria autumn after pruning stage?In order to improve education in the plant in the new season of leaf and fruit buds is necessary to make it feeding.During the winter victoria accumulate the right amount of organic and mineral substances.Expanding fertilizer can be immediately after the procedure trim mustache and leaves, that is in September.The best kinds of plant food - is humus, compost, chicken manure, barn.Because fertilizer is recommended to use the potassium salt, or superphosphate.You can cook yourself a mixture of 2 large spoons of potash is mixed with 200 g of wood ash.The resulting powder is to be dissolved in 10 liters of water.Pour this mixture every bush.After watering the soil should be mulched.

Preparing for cold weather How to handle

Victoria in the fall, so that it is well wintered?In areas where a lot of snow, cold for Victoria not terrible.But his absence may detrimental impact on the plant.Therefore, strawberries recommended for winter shelter.To fit the mulching straw.She neatly cover every bush.You can use peat, leaves from the trees (fallen), or corn stalks - all that can be found in your area and the garden.Sometimes Victoria buy a special coating material - lutrasil or spunbond.Knowing how to handle Victoria in the fall, you will save the plants from severe frosts, and the next year will get a rich harvest of large and tasty strawberries.