Tips gardeners: how to shelter vines for the winter

Each perennial garden plant requires some preparation for the winter period, and take care of the quality and correct insulation should be on time.And so pressing question: how to cover the grapes for the winter?Every owner knows that this process is very important, however, it is not easy, and requires a lot of time.Therefore, many people would like to find a way that would allow the grapes and safely spend the winter, and would not have been too time-consuming.

Under what conditions and how to shelter in the winter grapes

If your garden grow a covering grape varieties, and these include many dining and technical variety, then be sure to take care to protect them from frost.And this must be done even if you live in areas closer to the south.The fact that even minor frosts alternating with thaws cause icing vines, and this crust is less harmful effect on plants than the bitter cold.In addition, grapes are serious enemies without snow and windy winter, and experienced gardeners always remember it.Before the shelter grapes for the winter, remove all nedovyzrevshie shoots, t. To. They still vymerznut.In addition, it is necessary to take into account that the constant moisture can rot the grapes, so you need to take care of dry shelter.Harmful to plants or temperature differences.For example, at 10 ° C in a sap flow begins, but if the performance will fall to minus value, it will freeze the water in the tissues, causing them to rupture, and may die whole grapes.As cover for the winter plant, that did not happen?Firstly, the shelter must be reliable, and secondly, to equip it needs, when it established a stable temperature, approximate to zero.

Warm "coat" for the grapes

harboring plant can begin in mid-October.There are several ways of "conservation" of vines and roots for the winter.You can simply tie the vine in bunches and put on the ground, sprinkled it with soil thickness of 7-10 cm. Some winegrowers prefer pre-wrap burlap bush, and then fill it with earth to a height of 35 cm, or cover with wooden boards.Over the past need to be spread and securely attach plastic wrap or roofing material - these materials will protect the plant from the meltwater.For additional insulation of the vineyard it is recommended to jot down a thick layer of snow.Another way to cover the grapes for the winter involves the use of a white polyethylene film.Interestingly, the temperature is below the above 1.5 degrees than a black polyethylene.Remember that you need to warm not only the vine, but the roots.By the way, the vine is more easily tolerate frost than the root system.

Provide snow retention

Snow retention is a very important step in the process of how to shelter vines for the winter.To snowstorm accompanied by strong winds, they could not remove the soil from the vineyard to the snow "coat", set on the available sites 1.5-meter wooden boards for snow retention.Similar functions can perform and fruit trees (apples, pears, plums and sea buckthorn), planted by the constant winds.