Combine harvester "Yenisei".

Any agricultural machinery at times better if, instead of a single operation it is performing complex procedures.This category can be attributed easily combine harvester "Yenisei".

manufacturer and its model range combines

This machine is available in the Russian city of Krasnoyarsk, at the local factory.This organization offers with its shops way on the field the whole model range this technique.In accordance with a joint and the year of manufacture combine harvesters available rooms.

Besides grain, the plant also produces forage harvesters.A positive aspect is the availability of a complete set of additional attachments, which is also produced by this company.Harvester "Yenisei" can be provided by any devices on request.

Purpose and characteristics

large number of operations that perform under the force of the car, make it attractive for the agricultural industry organizations.Consider the characteristics vested combine harvester "Yenisei".It is a powerful self-propelled wheeled or tracked vehicles, copes with the operations of cleaning of grain crops even in areas with low yields.The machine is equipped with two drums and can perform procedures such as direct zhatiya and separate.

Additional suspension units are converted into machine harvesting apparatus capable of performing operations on collection of rapeseed, sunflower, soy, beans and other crops.Ideal for harvesting green mass.

harvester "Yenisei" includes the structure of the reaping.Its size depends on the model.So, the options with the numbers 1200, 950, 957 can capture a time five, six or seven meters cleaning area.Threshing machine is equipped with double-drum machine, separation, cleaning and transporting device.In addition, the technique has a hopper, where with the help of the unloading device is feed grain mass in the body of the vehicle.

harvester "Yenisei" is controlled from the cab mounted on a platform.The hydraulic system allows you to quickly attach the canopy additional units.


Each car model series has its own specific characteristics.Consider an combine harvester "Yenisei 1200 NM" he copes admirably with the operations of harvesting crops in conditions of high humidity.Even in laid crops appliances perfectly fulfills the task.Machine is equipped with a modified axle drive wheels.In commercially available embodiments and with installed motor.Engine power may be driven by the 170 or the 185-year-iron "horses."

harvester "Yenisei 1200-1NM" took into account the wishes of consumers, and went "live" with improved straw walker, which captures 25% more surface, thereby reducing grain losses.

If the machine will have to work in conditions of high humidity always, the best option for Agriculture Organization will be the 1200 model RM.This harvester "Yenisei", technical specifications which provide the changing weather conditions, is provided with a crawler swing.Maneuverability and mobility machine allows the modified bridge with the friction system of rotation.Two drums (one works on a pin system, and the other - on the ble) reduce the percentage of the crushing of grain.