Erotic horoscope for women

Aries (March 21 - April 20)

It tends to choose a man herself, knowing how to present themselves in society, creating yourself "image" cuteness.The intimate life it is quite selfish, but not because of bad character, and because of the desire to receive from the partner what she expects from the "ideal" man.Erotica it slightly pedantic, as it behaves in accordance with its stable ideas about sex.She does not like to obey, even in bed, although it is here that she needs a strong and powerful partner.Do not get the full pleasure of intimacy, she has an inexhaustible vitality and is able to deliver genuine pleasure to her husband.

Taurus (April 21 - May 20)

born under this sign is charming and refined, whimsical "and the sensual. It tends to surround himself with beautiful things and brilliant men. Excellent understanding of her character, a man, thehowever, achieve intimacy with her, because she's a great partner that can give subtle sensual pleasure. She is sincere in erotica and given his inclination recklessly, trying a new partner podcherpnut unknown even pleasure. I must admit that for men it is just as attractive andenticing as it is ruinous. Her married life is often muddled and unstable.

Gemini (May 22 - June 21)

She - a faithful and reliable friend for many, but finding an equal partner can not. It is to him she is ready to give their sensuality and affection. But worthy of its men are rare, and most likely, the flames did not flare up.In a few random connections it finds only a simple physical satisfaction.These women do not quit, they are quietly go away, taking in the Soul respect for them.But if a woman meets all the same the elect, their union becomes a model of family happiness.

Cancer (June 22 - July 22)

By nature it is extremely erotic and without restraint tends to sensual pleasure.But, strangely enough, men behaving coldly and unapproachable.She thinks that her lust - is the weakness that sees the man, and she does not want to be recognized in any of its weaknesses.She spends a lot of effort to look strong and independent.But it is easily excitable, passion seizes her and she tries to hide it, which sometimes leads to its roughness.After the close, it is no longer trying to meet with her partner, and if not, it becomes a moody and irritable.But if it comes considerate and patient man who can, not thinking about yourself, take care of the complete satisfaction of her desires, she gets on the proximity of considerable pleasure.

Leo (July 23 - August 23)

Her feelings always remain calm, and it shows good judgment at all times.Even during the next man feels her impassive gaze.This can be partly explained by its physical coldness and weak interest in sex.It is practical and each partner evaluates as a potential husband.She was destined to be a good wife and mother.It is in the interests of upholding the family manifests its lion's nature.But her indifference towards sex creates many problems for the spouse.In most cases, continuing to love her, he enters into relationship with another woman, able to give him the full range of erotic sensations.She's jealous, but the blame for her husband's infidelity she needs only himself.If she will meet a man with the same erotic level, their marriage can be quite successful.

Virgo (August 24 - September 23)

It is very attractive to men, but never uses this quality in the mercenary purposes.She brings great joy the knowledge that a man enjoys it.Do not expect her sverhstrastey and ecstasy, it is designed to caress and pampering and it stains the unique intimacy with her paints.It lives deep respect for the man, and in his arms she feels safe and calm.This feeling passed and her chosen one.She's a little shy.Her appeal of a man returns to it again and again.And then it stays forever, when will be experienced enough to understand a simple truth: "from the good deed goes unpunished."Virgo - the perfect wife, mother and housewife.

Libra (24 September - 23 October)

Her erotic desire embedded in the subconscious.From time to time, she is surprised to find himself in a new bed and can not understand how it happened.She is temperamental, but sex is not for her purpose, though occupies an important place in her life.A strong man is able to subdue her, and she would dutifully follow all his wishes.With a weak partner she becomes the mistress of the situation.But neither is any other case, a man does not get a feeling of full intimacy, since we are talking only about the physical satisfaction.When she feels that her love, she is transformed - becoming a fun, charming, even romantic nature it still will not name.Married her sexual behavior becomes more aware and interested.

Scorpio (October 24 - November 22)

her passion bezgranichna.Vse its actions are subject to the same goal - obtaining sexual pleasure.She is energetic, intelligent, beautiful.Men just "go crazy" after meeting with her.Usually it sooner becomes an erotic experience.Those who dream of "a sultry woman," is embodied in it are ideal.It has a great, but in moments of intimacy 'discards all conventions and yet is particularly beautiful in its fury and frenzy.Its partners are growing in their own eyes, and it makes it even more attractive.It is dangerous for men who have known the top of intimacy, can not break away from it, and become slaves to their feelings.Because these women are crumbling career, broken families, but the men again and again thrown into this maelstrom.However, her husband, she often becomes a good assistant and does all that he has achieved a brilliant success.

Sagittarius (November 23 - December 21)

excellent partner for those men who love smart, cheerful, fond of women.The sexually alluring and inexhaustible.Sex for it - a way to experience the fullness of life, and it seeks to draw from it the greatest possible pleasure.Noisy, cheerful, full of fantasy.These qualities are inherent in it, and intimacy.Selects himself to become partners, because there truly happy only after complete satisfaction of their desires.Knowing his worth to her husband's infidelity is easy enough, as, indeed, and his too.Family life is a serious thing for her, but she does not always know how to make it harmonious, as the thirst for new experiences often leads her away from the family home.

Capricorn (December 22 - January 20)

born under this sign are often plagued by the contradiction between its desire and the ability to meet them.It is erotic and amorous, but also strict in the observance of decorum.Because of this, her passion often finds a way out, which may be the cause of many complexes.Men tend to her, feeling a welcome partner, but remain at a loss, encountering it created a virtuous way.Accumulate in her desire from time to time crushes all barriers, and she with her head thrown in a short adventure, abandoning their principles and hitting partner temperament and sophistication

Aquarius (January 21 - February 20)

in her housealways a lot of visitors who are attracted to intelligence, charisma, communicative hostess.However, this does not mean that it is also diverse in intimate relationships.Being a good wife, skillfully driving home, his love of regularity and order, and it transfers into the bedroom.Seduced by its external charm, a man committed to it in search of new sensations.But after close to his memory are only flickering candles and svezhevyglazhennye sheets.She was not familiar with the lush sensuality, so it is not necessary, because the joy of life she sees in good company, interesting conversation.And while it makes the desire to please her husband jealous, he can be calm - it will remain faithful to him.Aquarius - a great partner for a man with a weak temperament, looking not much sex as calm and focus.

Pisces (February 21 - March 20)

Her world - a world of actors, artists, writers, the world of bohemia.She lives in her fictional realm of dreams and hopes.Her erotic implemented in flirting, love the game, but not in physical proximity.Although she tries in his rich imagination to turn the partner into a prince, a short temperament brings her full satisfaction from the vicinity.Her life is waiting for a miracle, hoping to meet someone who cover everything her roses.As a rule, men do not return to it because they do not love romantic tears at the intimate caresses.By nature it is good, and many young men get their first experience in her arms.In marriage, she often commits adultery, who can not explain neither she nor her husband.


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