What better visa or residence permit.

What better visa or residence permit.
Twenty years ago, for the residents of the former Soviet Union opened borders.Not to say that they were completely shut down before it as well as they are now not quite otkryty.No let us all in a row.

consider going west direction, but rather the European Union.Let's define what we need visa or residence permit.What advantages give us the documents.


right to visit the country for a certain period.Of course, a visa, as well as residence permits different purpose.Visas can be targets for tourist, business, and on terms disposable or reusable.The residence permit may be permanent and fixed-term, temporary residence permit is issued for periods ranging from two to five years and a permanent residence permit often only 5 years (depending on the country of destination).Visa fee and the cost of a residence permit.Usually visa is cheaper, but in fact the consulate visa and residence permit is not much different, but the conditions for obtaining a visa different kardinalno.Dlya usual, for example, Poland need only a passport, photo, insurance and checks for multivisa instead of checks, certificate of employment and health insurance.Agree a set of documents minimalnyy.Kakie documents required for a residence permit, for example, take a country like Estonia.The personal data sheet, photo and ... everything.Podverzhdeniem obtaining a zhiteltsva a special id-karta, but for a visa stamp in your passport.

residence permit can be obtained for at least 2 years, and multivisa no more than 2 years.Why, then, the residence permit is not often open, although it has the advantage of so much more.

thing is to get a residence permit in Estonia have to fulfill a number of conditions that are sometimes difficult to fulfill.For this purpose there is a special company.By the way, about the benefits of a visa to type in Europe.

1. You can buy a car and ride it on the territory of Russia and Belarus rasstamazhivaya that allows you to save a decent amount

2. You can enjoy the benefits on a par with the Europeans, which gives the opportunity to feel the particles civilization.

3. Learn to be treated and live in Europe, no one there is no dispute that the quality of education and health care are much higher ours.

4. Take a loan of the European Bank for adequate interest bid5.You do not have limits of 90 days stay for 6 months in the EU.

6. The simplified procedure for obtaining visas to other countries.(US or UK).

7. You have the right to live in Europe

among this list there are serious points, but there is a nice bonus in obtaining a residence permit in Estonia.

And what better a visa or residence permit for you to decide.

Afterword.I almost forgot, you can open a visa to close relatives on the basis of your existing permit.