What you'll be in the next life

From Qatar (the name given to the Catholic Christian religious movement spread in XI-XIV centuries in a number of countries and regions in Western Europe), the descendants got called Narbonese prophecy.It tells of the fate of the world, the importance of the Cathar faith and ways of transmission of secret knowledge.Even in the thirteenth century Cathars predicted the events that will take place in the world for a thousand years.In Narbonne prophecy described and fall of Montsegur, and the destruction of the Templars.It says about all revolutions and wars, about the fate of the individual and outstanding people.Currently Narbonese prophecy is not a secret and parts of it have already been published.In Narbonne prophecy describes the methodology and forecast the transmigration of souls, using which one can predict who will be the person in the next life.

Narbonese the last date of the prophecy is 2442, but this is not the end of the year is not a year of light and cosmic cataclysm.The Cathars believed that after 2442 the earth will be new prophets revive their faith, but a completely lead humanity on the path of progress without wars, murders, betrayals.New Perfect predict the future of mankind in the next thousand years.In Narbonne

prophecy describes how the forecast the next incarnation of man, using which one can predict who will be the person in the next life.The methodology involves the calculation of the sum of all the digits in the date of birth of the person (without bringing them to a prime number), and based on the resulting figures can be said to be a person who in the future life, when and where he will live, and a lot of other information.You can learn about and their future vopoloschenie, which should add up all the numbers in your birth date.

example: 01.01.2000 = 0 + 1 + 0 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 0 + 0 = 4. Another example
: 29.10.1969 = 2 + 9 + 1 + 0 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 9 =37.
Maybe the prophecy of the Cathars, not all clear to us today, some verbal formulas not amenable to treatment, but the description of the Cathars future professions and occupations of people we have left such as referred to in Narbonne prophecy.Also, the Cathars believed that the next incarnation of the soul receives only if the previous life of a person lived to 33 years.If life is cut off for one reason or another before then, the soul does not receive subsequent incarnation "back to God who created it, and dissolves in the body of the Creator."Cathars also attached great importance to the birth of the person, as the time of birth determines your name, exact place of birth and all other exact parameters of life.This article summarizes the calculation of the future incarnation, without time of birth, as in this case, the amount of material would be 1340 times more.Because with no factors time prophecy gives only a general tendency

If the sum of the digits in the date of your birth:

Cathars believed that the number 1 can mean only the materialization of God in the human body to perform a certain divine mission.Such a person is not born and does not die, but only appears for a short time to talk with dedicated or to talk with people.When the divine mission is over, the human body ceases to exist, and disappears.God often takes the image of the person to talk with people and dates of birth of the divine number 1 is only a temporary materialization of the human body.

You'll never born as a human being.This latest incarnation of the soul in the material shell.You will never accept any form, only pure energy - your future, and you're free to move around in the universe and other worlds.

your next incarnation will not happen on Earth, but on another planet.Do you accept non-human appearance and you will be "immovable and impenetrable, contemplating the dust of times, and the winds of creation, creating creatures and penetrating into the flesh of the planet, being the essence and meaning to the world order."

In a future life you will be born on the territory of modern France and be a teacher.The years of your future life - 2300-2411.You will teach children and adults "space sciences, the nature of the heavenly bodies and the laws of the world, the spread of Light and communicate with celestial wanderers."You'll be a blue-eyed, fair-haired man, you will have many disciples, friends, you'll be full of love.Will you travel a lot, three women give birth to you five daughters and three sons.You will create several rules and regulations that will please people write several books and become famous in "the boundaries of the earth."People elected you to public office, and you will carry out their duties with honor and to everyone's satisfaction.In adulthood, you move "for the nearest celestial body (planet - approx.'s)" And will be the leader and the governor there, where he ended his life in respect and prosperity.You have to offer people a new device world, a new world order that will be perceived by all.Your ashes to dispel "the solar wind, your final resting place will be the space between the worlds."About your future life will write the book and your images will be "many celestial bodies."

In a future life you will be born on the territory of modern Japan and the epitome of your Soul will be watching the demon "Crete".You will have "yellow skin, black hair and red eyes."The years of your future life 2399- (2457) -2518.In adulthood, you spend "the transformation of his mind and soul by taking a look and making her body in the brain and the thoughts of another, remains the same in essence, but another diversion."(Perhaps it is a brain transplant and therefore indicates an intermediate date - 2457 - approx.'s). You will strike fear in the people, violating the laws and killing.From an early age you will be a member of the youth group, and in his youth made the first serious their crimes.You'll navigate the planet and the planet is making a few plastic surgery to replace many internal organs.You will lead on the way the fate of hatred and destruction, you do not take human laws, and shalt break them, exploding, destroying, killing.Demon Crete will protect you, and to move to new crimes.For your service is all that man can dream in life - wealth, pleasure, but your life will not rest, will not be home - you'll be the eternal wanderer.Crete Demon will save you from the punishment - you will not get caught, never you will not be limited in freedom, never will be punished.You will die in space flight, away from the Earth, when the demon Crete find a decent body to your soul.

in the next life you will be a woman, be born in what is now Canada, you will have black skin and you'll be a doctor.The years of your future life - 2154-2227.You'll live the life of an ordinary man - work, home, family, children, the relatives, husbands.Two marriages, two children.A good education, good health.Your specialty is surgery.There is nothing supernatural in your life is not going to happen.You're not a believer, but will perform certain rites, paying tribute to tradition.You will travel around the world, mostly for the sake of recreation.You're not making any discoveries, and you will know only relatives, friends and patients.In your life will not be unchallenged, trauma, tragedy.You will be happy with a life, anyway, you will not suffer from unrequited love, from the humiliation, pain physical and mental.You'll be doing a little sport for fun or professionally, to drive a car, a little draw.

in the next life you will be a female Latina, and be born on the territory of modern Brazil.The years of your future life - 2378-2503.In your life there will be three professions: first, you will be a servant to the hotel, then -ekonomistom the second half of the life of your business will be the organization of space tourism.You will have four husbands, you give birth to three children.The first half of life spend on earth, the second - in the "near the body of heaven."The usual appearance, normal data.You will have several apartments, both on Earth and beyond the planet.In the second half of life you will be provided a special and test all available at the time of fun and enjoyment.

in the next life you will be a black woman, be born on the territory of modern Germany, and the "help of self-propelled vehicles" will be engaged in cleaning of streets and areas (probably - the operator of street cleaning machines - approx.'s).Years next life - 2167-2268.Live you will be in the territory of modern Germany, made several journeys, moving to the territory of modern Italy and then Spain.You will have two husbands and four children.You will be engaged in social work.In the second half of life you will engage in "cleansing and the stench of feces demonic mansions merzochelovekov cloaca, resulting in a mixture of blood and semen" (probably will work in the facility, which contains hybrids, mutants, clones, and care for nimi- approx.'s).Exposed to a communicable disease, you predprimesh three "change skin" and spend the rest of his life in the hospital.

in the next life you will be an Arab, born in what is now Iraq, and thou shalt make a living by stealing.Years of living: 2095-2135.Although as a young man you try to get an education and even worked for a construction company for several years, but the passion for embezzlement make you commit fraud, for which you kicked out of the company in disgrace.In the future, your life will take place in fraud, scams.You have time to start a family and become the father of eight children, but not all of them are born to your wife.You uspeeshpristrastitsya to drugs "laughing, but withering brain and liver, giving a brief bliss, but taking away the mind" and die from "excessive veseleniya" (apparently a drug overdose - approx.'s).

You'll be a black woman, be born on the territory of modern Australia and be a pastry chef, cook.The years of your future life - 2314-2423.You will lead a sedentary lifestyle, you will have a lot of weight, never leave the Earth, and you will not be interested in other planets.You will be very skeptical, conservative woman.At the same time you have time to create a three-family, to give birth to six children.You like to be a quiet family life, but your children will disappoint you, because none of them wants to live next to you.You two get into an accident, some times you will resort to major surgery in the medical centers.A lot of time you spend in front of a "demon eyes" (obviously - TV - approx.'s), You will not enjoy reading.Other countries will not attract you, and you will spend all his life in Australia.You leave this world alone, relatives at the time of death you will not.

You will live in what is now Alaska, you will have a black skin color, you'll be a woman.Years your next life - 2477-2569 (range birth dates depends on the time of birth and in the Qatari prophecy says about the period 2470-2490, respectively, in 2477 - the most frequent).Your profession, she will work in the service sector, you will be engaged in cleaning the premises, later administrator will then become engaged in the delivery of food, visited a shop.You will die as a result of a terrorist act, the explosion of the bridge across the Bering Strait.You'll have time to give birth to two children, you will have three marriages, you will receive a regular education.Outside you will have a fairly normal, and thou shalt thrice pribegnesh the services of a plastic surgeon.Your whole life will take place on planet Earth, only in order to travel you to visit two planets closest to Earth.You'll be nice to sing at a professional level do not go, your friends will love your singing.You try many things in life, but high up the social ladder can not.You will have a lot of hobbies, but as an adult you be disappointed in trying to realize their dreams, and in the community, and their friends.Dissatisfaction with life will lead you to the religion, where you take away the last hopes and all his savings you give children

in the next life you will be born on the territory of modern India, will be a woman, an Indian.Years of life - 2318-2445 (this average figure, as depending on the time of birth in this life, in the next you will be born in the period 2315-2321 - approx.'s).Will a teacher, an adult will perform administrative functions, more terrifying age will lead the school.One family, three children.Suffice it to everyday life, without any ups and downs.You will priverzhenv national traditions, quietly not to love all the "foreign", but before you reach an open protest.In school, you will create a small museum, and you will collect various ancient objects and to take part in the revival of national traditions.Children will love you.

You'll be a white man, will be a member of the government of the country, located on the territory of modern Russia.Years of life - 2311-2418 (in Qatari chronicles spread birthdates 2309-2313 - approx.'s).Three families and four children will be a necessary attribute of your life, but all life you devote politics, the struggle for power, rather than to succeed.You'll athletic owner .. excellent health at you three times is assassinated, but seriously you never get hurt.You will be a nationalist in the modern concept of the meaning of the word.In his younger years, accept participation in the armed conflict in their country, will pass service in the military structure in adulthood will become a member of the social movement, then its leader.You will support the movement of neo-pagans.Will achieve the recognition of their people, as for all your shortcomings, will always fulfill their promises and do a lot for the revival of national traditions and culture.You're going to fund many projects from personal funds, and will be rich enough for that.In the second half of life you'll be the owner of several institutions of cloning and genetic changes, and will monitor the wind power plants in the region.Among other things come into sostavt "world government", from which come out with the scandal.Die during space flight, and your death will be a lot of mystery.You will be remembered after death.

You'll be "the keeper of manuscripts, manuscripts, letters embodied in the human mind" (obviously, a librarian - approx.'s).Be born in the family of Latin Americans in South America, from birth you will have a physical defect that is fixed in adulthood.The years of your future life - 2267-2340 (in Qatari chronicles spread birthdates 2260-2274 - approx.'s).Family of four children, good fortune.Work will you like, but you will not spend much time in the library hall.You're going to be creative, to participate in virtual forums, poets, writing stories.At the same time you will secretly sell ancient manuscripts from storage, for which he paid - the place of work.You scandal expel from the library, in fact - will be a trial and punishment.It is a shame undermine your health.

in the next life you will be 'one body and the husband and wife "(probably a transvestite - approx.'s).In Narbonne prophecy for people with such a sum of digits in the date of birth, nothing is reported about the children, but said that the unions would be a lot.Years of life - 2533-2719.While you will be born with a yellow skin color and family of Chinese during the life of your body you podvergnesh many alterations and often will resort to medicine to change the appearance, organ transplants, rejuvenating, replacing parts of the body, and also changed the color of the skin.You will travel a lot, including to other planets.You will not have a specific profession, but you sing, dance, play musical instument and earn a living, "providing many services to its body."Apparently, you'll be very popular and attractive, as "the last days before to you will seek and desire of possessing you."You will not leave descendants, in any event, their children will have tebyane.In the second half of life you leave Earth and never come back to it not finding the final resting place on the nearest planet to Earth.

in the next life you will be a white male, born in what is now Norway.Years your next life - 2499-2654 (range 2491-2507 date of birth - approx.'s).You'll be a fisherman or you will have a profession related to fish farming.You will have three families and three children.You do not get a good education, but will have the gift of "feel and understand sea creatures."