How to find the right questions to your friends profiles

Many people start to smile when they hear the word "profile".After all, in the head immediately pops up a small notebook ornamented with a set of interesting questions that fill the school friends and comrades.Somewhat surprisingly, but today children love to indulge in such an interesting here.

What to do?

If you want to have a normal form, which will need to fill out by hand, should take care of notebook or pad, and a set of questions from which it will be.It should also decorate their offspring, so it was interesting and pleasant surrounding.It is important to choose the "right" questions for friends profiles that they motivate people.


where do I start a questionnaire?The first questions to your friends profiles will consist of information on the name, date of birth and place of residence of a friend.You can indicate your home address and phone number.This Statement pasportichka to know who you're dealing with and how it will be possible, in which case, to find his friend.Normally, it takes up little space - from a couple to four or five questions.

main part

following questions for friends profiles can be varied and cover a huge range of interests.Here you can ask about hobbies, interests, hobbies.Most people are interested in such nuances as your favorite movie, book, verse, drink, meal, animals, etc.You can ask about what you like to go to school, some teachers or objects hit the spot, and what - no.In high school, will be relevant question about the future: who wants to be, what profession to find where to go to learn.Maybe someone is going to travel, or to write a book, it is also very interesting to learn.Questions for friends profiles can also be very personal.So, you can try to ask about who a person like (to whom he is in love), which have dreams or desires.Not bad to try to ask about himself, ieclarify what quality in its own nature like what - no, from what would have wanted to get rid of, and that - to buy.And so on.In fact, a huge number of options, you only need to think carefully about what is interesting to learn about their comrades.


What else can profile for friends?Questions funny - that's an integral part of every self-respecting questionnaire.For example, you can ask friends what they would do if they find a million dollars, what would happen if aliens visit earth, and that it is necessary to take with him into space.Answers to such questions will be very fun and interesting.

What not to forget

What else should contain profiles for friends?100 questions - this is the first (although they can be much less), ornaments page - this is the second.You also need to take care of the more interesting - this is the third.So, you can wrap the middle of the leaf profiles and ask it to anyone not deploy.It's clear that all look to climb.And it is possible to draw some monsters or write a comic curse, for example: "for disobedience is now finished a semester at one of two", etc.It can be on the same page with the principle of gift.To do this, wrap a piece of envelope and before the next friend to give a form to fill in, to put a sticker or a small calendar and sign the "Present" (gift, surprise, etc.).Such are the little things will definitely be pleasant companions.