Lucifer, Who is this, and that indicates

own name Lucifer fanned mystery and ambivalence toward him.For some, it is associated with theomachy for someone - not permissible even for casting, as concentrates the evil itself.Yet again there is the name of Lucifer - who is, or that behind this name is hidden, everyone should know.In recent years, along with the revival of Christian traditions, like mushrooms in the woods, there are some new, homegrown religion aimed at the unconditional worship of something or someone, and not on education and the elevation of the soul.Even the notorious Sergei Mavrodi, a book which is mentioned in the title of the son of Lucifer.

little history

In ancient Rome, Lucifer - a very ordinary man's name.Translated from the Latin and Greek importance understood it is approximately the same, "the first morning light."And the light that has been associated with the planet Venus.That it was on our horizon of the brightest "star of the morning" after the Moon and the Sun, and its name is found in Virgil's "Aeneid."And yet the first time Lucifer is mentioned in the Old Testament (Isaiah) in relation to the dynasty of Babylonian kings, who pride in their likened the fallen angel.

former angel is none other than the devil himself.Everyone knows the legend that has been cast out of heaven, the mighty angel.And his name - Lucifer.Who is disputing the need to understand the futility of such attempts.If even in ancient times and it was mistakenly interpreted a passage of the Bible, now to rehabilitate the name Lucifer is still impossible - it will forever be synonymous with Satan.And here's how he intended to carry light, turned evil ruler, undoubtedly requires understanding and interpretation.God - this is love, infinite creation and improvement.God gives everyone the right to self-determination.God himself subject to the laws, which they do.So to punish anyone he can not, by definition, however, like Satan, Lucifer.Who is not aware, the first may be on the hook comforting self-deception, can neither elevate nor saved, it is the road that leads to hell, which is paved with good intentions.No one has power over man - decisions he takes himself: himself punishes himself and exalts, obeying the same laws as all the inhabitants of heaven.However, the chosen path can lead to God, and can make an accomplice of evil.That trial, which had once succumbed to Lucifer's Eating all, without exception.And so it continues, is not died down for a second, fight for every soul in every soul.

not know what they do

Stage as a legacy of the Lucifer rebellion passes (consciously or not) of each individual.This can be called the search for the path to God.True, some are lost on this road and come to a standstill, and then helplessness of his choosing his idol Satan, thinking that by doing so challenge the unjust structure of the world, forgetting that all the tears and sorrow on the earth - human hands and notsomeone fishing.People are overconfident in their desire to create a different world in the same way as once Lucifer.Who invented it, that the world can alter one, even the most powerful person?Yet evil attractive.Many artists, even as the creators of God, trying to understand its nature.And some succeeded.This, for example, shows the history of the web "Demon" Vrubel and what effect depicted on it a fine young man has on the people (there were several attempts to destroy the picture).Virtually all the world like the classics in their works to dissect the evil, to show all its fetid underside to develop immunity in humans.But it did not.Moreover, it is unlikely the power of the modern horror-film director with the telling pseudonym - Lucifer Valentine (and this is a woman).Show unmotivated evil - it induce him repeatedly.