How to roll apple juice?

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There are many different ways to preserve apples for the winter.From the summer varieties can make puree, jam, they are also dried.In the fruit juice are not very useful, so different small amount of moisture.For this reason, this goal is best used late varieties, which are much juicier.And, of course, it is desirable to start the processing of your pets apples, though, and you can choose a good store.And now we look at how to roll your own apple juice and how to store it for the winter.


Many may recall how in the nineties of the last century dragged from houses and shopping bags with apples in their flats and turned for a last time in the tin shop.Given that the sale was one kind of fruit, cooked, most often, the juice of one variety - from 30-40 liters.Now it is time that we can all buy and inexpensive, but the habit harvest in store fruits and vegetables remained, perhaps not in such huge quantities.After all, no store shopping will never replace a real, prepared with their own hands apple juice.

In the winter it is very useful product for both children and adults - especially those who are engaged in intellectual work and leading a sedentary lifestyle.Of course, the procurement process is not fast, and juice is not the easiest, but it's worth it.Especially as the most modern equipment will help.Getting directly to the story of how roll apple juice.

first option cooking apple juice

We need: Juicer, apples, caps, cans, skimmer, gauze rolls machine, tweezers, thermometer for conservation.We lay out a step by step recipe:

  1. Apples, pre-prepared, passed through a juicer, expels natural juice.If your device has a large size, the fruit can be thrown entirely without coring and cutting into pieces.
  2. iridescent juice in a saucepan on the stove and sterilize.In no case can not bring it to a boil, as this significantly deteriorates the taste and die a lot of vitamins.To measure the temperature, you can use a special thermometer designed specifically for conservation.When heated, the juice will be released from the foam cake, it must be removed with a slotted spoon and throw.
  3. When the temperature reaches 90 degrees, pour the juice should be boiled in a top to bottom, sterile jars, filtered through cheesecloth.
  4. banks then in turn covered with a lid and rolls.That is, fill the first bank to close the lid, roll up, then the second and so on.
  5. Ready banks are turning upside down and put on a cloth to cool.Lay no need!In this example, we considered in detail how to roll fresh apple juice.
  6. Keep this preservation possible in the cellar, and at room temperature.It is not recommended to do this more than three years, preferably every one to two years to update the workpiece.

Another option how to roll fresh apple juice

Modern cooking gives us more than one way to accomplish the tasks before us.Total in them only what is necessary to carefully choose the fruits they must not be damaged, and certainly mature.The proportions and ingredients depend on the desired effect and on apples.You can in fact prepare the juice with pulp, and bleached.To get the unforgettable aroma of the beverage, adjust, at its discretion combine different varieties of fruit.Thus there is a chance to get brand new flavors that could surprise even the most demanding people to drink.Experts in the industry say that it is wrong to harvest juice, using only slightly acidic apples, so as a result of this work, among other things, will not meet the necessary quality requirements.The most favorable varieties of the beverage are: perry, anise, Parmenas Titovka winter.If you are interested in how to roll apple juice juicer after other methods Underwritten information for you.


cut into slices of fruit in a juicer squeeze, the resulting liquid is poured into an enamel or glass container.To prevent further oxidation and browning is desirable to add a little lemon juice.We need a large saucepan.After squeezing the future spill a drink from the dishes, without heating, for banks and cover caps.We put them in a pot and fill with warm water up to the neck.Heat the water to a temperature of 85 degrees, reduce the heat and keeping the temperature, pasterizuem banks.The time depends on their size: 20 minutes to one-polutoralitrovyh and 30 minutes - for two-three-liter.With a folded several times a thick towel or pot holders gently pull out alternately hot jars and immediately roll up their.Mastered one more way how to roll apple juice.

recipe for apple juice without juicers

natural and delicious drink can be obtained with little effort and without the juicer.We need the fruit pulp with a light and necessarily sour taste.In this case, the sugar and water are not required.Cut fruits into smaller pieces and passed through a meat grinder or sokovarku.The resulting squeeze the pulp using gauze, remaining pulp send in a saucepan filled with water (the ratio of two liters per 10 kg), soaked for six hours, and heated again press.Go to the next step.Cook drink: liquid is heated to 80-90 degrees, we maintain five minutes and poured into banks.Covers boil in a water bath and rolls produced nectar.At home, you can cook without pasteurization, slightly increasing the temperature of the water to boil cans.In such a case, they need additional sterilization rolled up lids upside down.Apple juice is ready for the winter.

Recipes juice with sugar and pulp

To prepare nectar with sugar, then the technology is similar to the previous one, only in the second stage take a 70% sugar syrup and add to juice.Syrup can be prepared or recycled juice or sugar.The proportion is as follows: One hundred grams per liter need sugar and 150 ml of syrup.We now describe another version of how to make apple juice.Recipe drink with pulp: mince fruit two or three times, though by small cells.It is necessary to prevent darkening exiting mass, which adds the ascorbic acid.The ratio of the following: 10 kg of fruit need 10 gram acid.You should already be familiar with how to properly roll apple juice, do not forget it is only pasteurized.By the way, than the resulting mass will be more homogeneous and crushed, the juice is tastier, and storage - more durable.

Another way to prepare apple drink

apple juice can be cooked in sokovarke, but in this case, you need to have good quality equipment and certain skills, we will not describe the process.Just make clear all prescription and strictly maintain the temperature, and succeed.With our method, the following will use sour apples, and you'll learn how to cook and how to roll fresh apple juice in this case.We do this quickly and easily.To improve the taste and color can be combined with our drink blueberry, grape, or chokeberry, rowanberry juice.Necessary products: apples, if desired - sand sugar, and for washing cans - soda.Necessary utensils: juicer, pan, colander, metal lids, jars, glass, beading machine.


Cooking apple juice.The recipe is as follows.My fruit, cut and passed through a juicer.Give wrung juice stand, and then filtering through two or three layers of cheesecloth.The resulting drink is poured into a pan and bring to 95 degrees over high heat.At the same time remove the foam constantly, thus clarifying the juice.Again, we filter a hot drink through cheesecloth and bring almost to the boil.Pour into jars and rolls.Then upside down - and on cooling.Well mastered how to roll apple juice, we get in the winter is a very useful drink, which, thanks to the presence of potassium normalizes blood cholesterol, contribute to the removal of radionuclides.Apple fasting days will help with obesity.