How to drink "Bacardi" to receive unearthly pleasure?

change the time, and rum from pirate brew that would not drink any self-respecting gentleman turned into a luxury drink, marketed under the trademark "Bacardi".How to drink "Bacardi" and how to enjoy its divine taste - is the topic of today's article.And our first piece of advice: never add it cheap cola.If you do not know how to drink "Bacardi", remember that it is best to dilute the cranberry or cherry juice!

Let's delve into the history and examine how the rum became so popular.It all began with the fact that the Catalan decided to emigrate to Santiago de Cuba.The name of this emigrant, Don Facundo Bacardi.What to drink rum, in those days no one thought much, and he was not the same as today.Burning and sharp drink was in vogue mainly in the Caribbean pirates and used them as a universal disinfectant, as well as helping in the fight against the cold, hunger and bad weather.On the secular methods to use it it was not accepted, but the winemaker immigrants from the Spanish colony was destined to change everything.

From the beginning, Don Facundo set a goal to mitigate the drink, so coming to Cuba, he began to experiment with the cleansing of the Roma by using filters, and then keeping it in oak barrels in order to pick up the taste.In 1862 it acquires distillery, and the news of the light and soft drink spread throughout the world.The question of how to drink "Bacardi", begins to worry not only the friends and comrades of Don Facundo, but the monarchs, who quickly became addicted to the new taste.Over time the number of fans of the "civilized Roma" has only increased.

To product "Bacardi and Company" readily identifiable, the entrepreneur begins to release all its products with a graphic symbol depicting a bat, as in Catalonia, where I came from Don Facundo, it is a symbol of success and harmony.

Perhaps it is a bat and brought success to the company Bacardi.They believe in it and the Cuban Indians.Today, this type of rum is considered to be the standard, and its production is established in Mexico and Puerto Rico, where it is exported all over the world.

Today the company produces several types of alcoholic beverages that taste different, and for a period of exposure.Sometimes rum "Bacardi" white, golden, black and lemon, so you are sure to find something to your liking among the company's products enterprising Catalans.Let's take a closer look kind of this wonderful drink.

«Bacardi superior» - this rum in the form in which it was originally conceived himself Don Facundo.Most often it is used in the preparation of cocktails, because it has a delicate taste and gives a soft finish.«Bacardi gold», «Black», «Limon», «Adejo» - is a variety with greater exposure, but «Bacardi 151" - a rum for people with very strong nerves.The alcohol content of 75.5%.So do not be afraid to experiment, and soon you will understand how to drink "Bacardi" and more if you like it in cocktails or just ice.Therefore, be sure to try this drink!