Why register at the place of residence?

residence registration - this phrase for many Russians is still unclear.Especially it frightens homeowners who rent space for rent.And often, when employers are turning to them to register at the address of residence, are denied.So why you need a temporary residence permit?And so whether it is terrible as it seems to some?

What is the

So, what is the registration of the place of residence?Under Russian law, a citizen, who arrived in the new premises in which it is registered, it may be no more than 90 days.After this period the person is obliged to take care of the temporary registration by submitting an application to the local department of the Federal Migration Service.This temporary residence permit is done without removal from the register as a permanent resident.This service is free, not subject to state duties.Register your new address will be able to manage in three days.

Another option decoration - residence registration over the Internet.You must register online public services.

dispel myths

myths and misconceptions about such a thing as a temporary residence registration, are currently sufficient.We list only the most common ones.Homeowners can deny you the time of registration because of his fear that his apartment strangers will be prescribed for all.And this is wrong primarily because registration of the place of residence and permanent residence - are completely different things!When registering the landlord himself defines the end of its term.If you wish it, of course, can be extended by writing another application.

next concern of many homeowners is that guests somehow able to take over square meters, of which reside.But the registration of the place of residence does not give them ownership, which means that they can not make real estate any action.

What do I need to register

order to obtain residence registration, you need documents such as a passport tenant, the statement of the owner of property that he is not against registration, statement on the future of the registered.Finally, you need a document on the basis of which may temporarily register in the living room.It is primarily a contract of employment.

In the case where the housing is owned by several owners, the consent of all parties.If the apartment is not privatized, it requires the consent of all adult residents.

privatized in one or more of the owners of the apartment tenants are usually given temporary registration without problems.May refuse only if there is an error in the documents or if documents are not enough.It will be difficult to obtain a residence permit in the municipal shelter.In this case, the Federal Migration Service may refuse, especially if the number of guests exceeds the norm of residence, which is about 9 squares of the total area per registered.


If a person lives in another city without a temporary registration, it can be fined from 1,500 to 2,500 rubles.Administrative measures may apply to homeowners who refused to register arrived at his apartment.He is waiting for a fine of 2000-2500 rubles.