Prenatal Infant: The new fall-winter collection 2014

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most exciting event in the family - the birth of a child.So you want to give him all her care and tenderness!Prenatal help you take the first, most important, the days and months of the baby comfortable, warm and secure.

Prenatal new collection for children from birth to one year offers a huge selection of comfortable, but at the same time beautiful and stylish Italian clothing.The collection used the softest fabrics: cotton, chenille and knitwear.All items are thoroughly thought through - drawings and embroidery applied so as not to cause irritation to the delicate skin of babies.New autumn collection offers Prenatal costumes in the form of animals - a giraffe, dragon, pink teddy bear.As well as clothing chenille with a three-dimensional image - gusёnok for girls and for boys Penguin.

The smallest sliders delight in pastel lilac, yellow, green, blue and orange colors, with pictures of nice toys, funny geese and penguins.

girls in the new romantic collection will appeal to trendy colors peas, embroidery and ruffles.

Boys suit cosmic motives: Image missiles star systems and galaxies.In these clothes even very tiny baby feels intergalactic ship captain.

Designers Prenatal use not only the traditional blue color.The clothes for boys delicately combines light brown, beige, milk and grays.Suit, romper suits and the shoes decorated with images of squirrels, deer and rabbits.

attention to detail different new clothes for babies weighing up to 3 kg.Overalls and sets, cotton and chenille white, pink and blue are external closed seams, cuffs kimono and special buttons fasteners.They are made so as to avoid contact joints and fasteners with delicate skin of the baby.

Collection for the smallest cooked refined clothes for holidays and ceremonies.For girls - a princess dress - dresses of taffeta and chenille suits.Boys will look great in trousers and shirt-body.

Wear your baby with care and joy in stores PRENATAL MILANO, he earned the most delicious and beautiful outfits!