How to deal with ex-husband?

Divorce - an unpleasant event for both.Regardless of the situation, the need leaves an unpleasant aftertaste in the shower initiator procedure and the defendant.The worst, however, remains the need to refer to the once beloved former spouse.

immediately wanted to clarify that guidance on how to deal with ex-husband, will affect building relationships with the normal, conscious people, and in any case does not affect the men who do not produce anything besides loathing and panic.

Should I apply for child support?

alimony can be a real stumbling block in the communication of the former couple.This issue needs urgent attention, and in the official form.After oral and even amicable agreement may eventually become a regular excuse for the purpose of evading the periodic financial assistance.

presence of official papers offered the chance to receive funds due, even if the refusal of the spouse.A side effect is too low can act ex-husband's salary as child support amount to mere pennies.However, a lot depends on how you behave with her ex-husband.Human relationships usually makes a man in time to fulfill its obligations.

if the ex-spouse for child support is decided on its own initiative, but its helpfulness is just an annoyance, it is enough to offer the option to transfer maintenance for a special credit card.

How to deal with ex-husband when deciding on joint education of the child?

If we talk about communication between father and child, you should not interfere with such a request, setting too rigid rules.Every child needs to have a full family education.So like it or not, but seeing her ex-husband still have.Of course, a prerequisite for visiting the baby is adequate behavior and complete trust.

Dealing with the former spouse if the child must be exactly the same, if the communication takes place in private, in other words - how good, old friends.At the same time his son or daughter should not go feeling of being in front of him / her is old, loving and caring dad.It is enough to have a serious talk with the kid, lucidly explaining to him why the parents can no longer be together.Under no circumstances should not start a quarrel in the presence of their own offspring.

should not be excessive pride and certainly take revenge on former spouse, limiting it to communicate with the child.Whatever happened in the past, the desire to participate in the education of children of their own should cause only positive emotions.Not every man truly eager to devote a significant proportion of the offspring of free time, because the main force of attraction for the head of the family still stands spouse.

What about the ex-husband when a new man?

Do not look for excuses own intentions.First, the personal life of the new man is built after the divorce.This means that the woman is completely free from official commitments to the former spouse, especially if the divorce took place at the initiative of the latter.

It is likely that in the near future ex-husband will be able to find exactly the same pair.An excellent tool for the restoration of relations can become friendship families, in the case where the former spouses had to re-arrange private life.If you find a new mate was only one side, communication way, most likely will not bring satisfaction, and lead to new conflicts.

care of their own future

thinking about what to do with her ex-husband, you need to worry first and foremost about their own happiness.Former head of the family must be made aware of the occurrence of major changes in your own personal life.If the spouse will not be able to feel in the words of a woman on the relationship with a new man, and notes of guilt, to sort things out it is likely to once again do not want to.Naturally, the presence of common children make periodically communicate with her ex-husband, but only upon presentation of the desire to participate in a joint education.

friendship rules

a plan of how to make up with her ex-husband, is often sufficient to establish clear rules of conduct for both sides of the conflict.Transition to the status of friends can have a positive effect on the relationship, the main thing - not to deviate from the guidelines.

setting their own rules for forming new relationships, repel better from the following:

  1. Divorce is always accompanied by severe stress.Rupture of relations, it is necessary to give the former spouse some time to think about it soberly and recover.When deciding what to do with her ex-husband, do not act rashly trying to right once and for all to put everything in its place.
  2. friendships should begin after the final decay heat of passion.As soon as the desire to pour her ex-husband at the door by a tub of charges would go back in time, you can try to spend some time together and it does not fall out.
  3. absolutely not recommended to turn the meeting former spouse at the beginning of a new relationship.Agreement on the border of what is permitted, you can avoid unpleasant misunderstandings.
  4. thinking how to deal with the former, should leave behind any bad memories.The attention paid to better positive moments, good human traits and abilities.After a while, the negative required to be forgotten, but the memory will only bright events.
  5. not need to roll to reproaches as the former spouse may respond in kind, and that always leads to more skirmishes.
  6. should realize that there was a break in relations with her husband.Therefore, troubles in the relationship of the former pair in any case should not be transferred to people who have already become close during the marriage.Based on this, you can safely continue to communicate with your friends and even relatives of the former Blessed.


restore human relationship with the former spouse's real.The main thing - to consider such contacts as a transition to a completely different, more qualitative level of confidence.Respect ex-husbands and even to forgive them some shortcomings need to especially if a man is good, attentive to the needs of the child's person.

Ultimately, the proper organization of relations with ex-husband not only brings a positive, but also the surrounding states of personal maturity of both parties to the conflict.