How to clean the body before losing weight at home: money reviews

effective diet for weight loss depends on how it fits a particular person.That is how it is set up mentally as his body is healthy or sick, or not made preparations for the change of diet.When changing to a different type of power supply (separate meals, vegetarian, raw food), even for a short time, not just useful - it is necessary to hold a "spring cleaning" of the body.How to clean the body before losing weight at home?

Cleansing the body for Malakhov

Gennady Malakhov - author of books on self-healing - the Council to carry out a complex procedure.He suggests that proper cleaning is able to cure many diseases.The method of the author, it is considered the first step towards improvement, and depend on it all the subsequent success or failure.How to clean the body before losing weight system Malakhov?The sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. "softening".Toxins that have come into the body and remained in it, you need to prepare for the removal, to bring them into a state where they can easily leave the body through the excretory organs.This is the first and very important step, without cleaning works poorly.Simultaneously with "softened" to work with the consciousness (it it sounds like cleansing the field of human form).Many diseases are associated with mental complexes and terminals, including overweight, they should be clean too.
  2. second stage after the "easing" is cleaning the colon.
  3. After intestine - all body fluids.For this Malakhov advised to drink 2-3 liters of fresh juice every day and every 3 days to visit the bath.We should eat healthy, eat lots of vegetables and fruits.The author of this phase lasts 1-2 months.It itself can play the role of diet.
  4. further - liver.A healthy liver can be cleaned after bowel, at any time of the year, the sick - in the spring.
  5. Finally - flushing the kidneys.

This major reconstructive procedures for the body, do they need to be in order, as the author suggests.Instead of one or two months of drinking juice and a visit to the steam room, you can sit on your chosen diet.So how clean the body before losing weight can be a good method Malakhov, the result will not take long.

Purification of

Semenova Nadezhda Semenova is known primarily as the author of books on self-deliverance from parasites.However, her books deal with not only the worms - they are given a clear system of cleansing.Semenov, and many are interested in alternative medicine, he believes that one can not cope with the disease if you do not rid the body of toxins and impurities.How to clean the body before losing weight by Semenova?Its system includes:

  1. Clean colon.
  2. Treatment of dysbiosis.
  3. liver cleansing.
  4. Kidney cleansing.
  5. Clean lymph and blood
  6. Tidying vessels.
  7. Clean urogenital system.
  8. Getting rid of mucus.
  9. brushing the teeth and mouth.
  10. ear cleaning
  11. Clean nose.

sequence is the same as in the system G. Malakhov.Everything is quite logical, reasonable and safe, if you remember about common sense.

How to clean the body before losing weight by the method of Fields Brega

Paul Breg offers a very simple way - regular fasting.A day of fasting each week - and the recovery process begins.This can be done both before and during and after the diet.

author of the popular book "The Miracle of Fasting," a naturopath and advocate a healthy lifestyle wrote that human health is composed of many factors, and periodic posts duration of 1, 3, 7 and more days to help the body return to a normal, healthy state, derive from it all the extra "savings" in the form of toxins and impurities.Those who have tried this method on themselves, say that after a while compliance with these rules begin to feel light and feel much better.


One of the most simple and easy way healthier body.How to clean the body before losing weight with the help of natural remedies?Dish of bran on an empty stomach irritate and can cause colic, so do not cook them in pure form.It is better and safer to add a small amount of them in cereal, salads, soups - in the usual dishes that are eaten throughout the day.

Bran - a good source of fiber, they contain B vitamins, vitamins A and E. They also have minerals - potassium, magnesium, chromium and others.Therefore, regular eating bran helps with constipation, cleanses the toxins, lowers cholesterol and helps the formation of a natural, healthy microflora in the gut, which is confirmed by reviews of people use this method.


good way to cleanse the body before losing weight without enemas - Fig.This gentle cleansing.The only flaw in it - takes a lot of time.In Eastern countries rice diet prescribed if there were diseases of the genitourinary system, or joint problems.There used brown brown rice.In addition to brown, you can use white, polished and unpolished.

Rice diet rids the body of toxins, edema, leading to normal weight, metabolism, helps to organize the work of the liver and kidneys.Try it out on a girl say she gives good results if you stick with it for 2-3 months.No specific contraindications.This is the case when the "slow and steady wins - on going."

Juices and Live Juice Therapy

In his book "Treatment of juices" Walker offered to cleanse the body in the home with a solution of Glauber's salt.In the morning, on an empty stomach to drink a glass of the solution, which is prepared at the rate of one tablespoon of sodium sulfate for one glass of water.This is sufficiently powerful and effective laxative, moreover, the solution (according to the author) attracts toxins from the tissues, collecting and removing them from the body.

Caution: Do not apply if there is a problem with the appendix.

to clean the colon and small intestine, in addition to a solution, it is necessary to do an enema in the day before going to bed.

Such purification makes 3 consecutive days.According to Walker, then better go to raw vegetables and fruits, fresh juices and eat them.

there in the days of purification can not just drink a special cocktail of water and juice of lemon, orange and grapefruit (this mixture task - to protect against dehydration).In the extreme case, if you really annoys hunger, you can eat a grapefruit, an orange or drink celery juice.Reviews say that sustain such a regime is difficult, but possible.

Uordho Norman Walker - a pioneer of Live Juice Therapy and vegetable food, died at age 99 years, and, according to sources, he has remained vigorous and healthy until his death.Popular Today juicer has been designed on the basis of his project.Author of several books on healthy living, and the principles of proper nutrition, Walker himself ate only raw vegetables, fruits and juices, believing that boiled and fried food - is "dead food".

Salad «Blade»

How to clean the body before losing weight?Reviews women claim that there is another nice and tasty way to clean - in the morning on an empty stomach to eat a salad of fresh vegetables.As an ingredient it may include beets, cabbage, carrots, apples as refueling - vegetable oil and lemon juice.

main component of "brushes" - raw beets.An equal amount of fresh raw beets, cabbage and carrots, mix, season with lemon juice and olive oil and eat without salt.Two hours later you can enjoy a fresh apple or eat an apple, even after 2.5 hours, allowed other food.This scheme - lettuce, pause, apple, pause - is very important, it increases the useful effect of the salad a few times.

activated carbon and magnesium sulfate

Activated charcoal and a variety of sorbents such as tablets "Polysorb" or preparation "Enteros-gel" - a means of cleansing the body of toxins.As such, they are good, especially if the body is something poisoned.The sorbents are only suitable for detoxification and for preventing a hangover.

drug "Magnesia" or "Magnesium sulfate" also has its fans, the age of this method of "body cleansing" - more than half a century.However, based on the usual laxative effect.It does not eliminate toxins, does not do anything in terms of the output of slag.Therefore, as a laxative drug "Magnesium sulfate" good, but as a method of cleaning is useless.