Camping sites in Finland: the civilized rest in natural conditions

Very many of our compatriots, or did not know what camp or find a similar kind of recreation uncomfortable, uncomfortable and uninteresting for the modern man.And yet in many European (and even more - in the Scandinavian) countries campsites have long been part of the tourism business.They have their followers, have their own infrastructure and services, making such a modern and, of course, are popular.

Therefore, if you are going on vacation, but do not want the classic tour and on this original tour, you should pay attention to the camps - particularly in the camps in Finland.In this country, created for such a tourist destination all conditions - more than 350 camping sites and sites with all amenities up to residential buildings and room service.All Finnish camping sites are classified according to the European "star" categories, so choosing one or another place to stay, the tourist can immediately understand what conditions await him.Some campsites in Finland (one in seven) are ready to welcome guests all year round, but the others offer their services in the most popular tourist time - during the holiday season, which lasts from approximately the beginning of May until the middle (sometimes to the end) of September.

choosing as the venue for the next holiday to Finland amazing, you will never regret your decision.Camping parking and camping Hotels are located in the most interesting from a tourist point of view and the most picturesque places.Optionally, you can opt for camping Helsinki, close to the civilization and all the amenities it offers.You can go to visit a distant relative of the kids loved all the Russian Santa Claus - Santa Claus in Lapland.Some guests prefer the quiet and solitude in the Finnish Karelia, and for others there is no better place than near the Finnish border with Russia.Wherever tourists either decided to stay, they will find a place to stay and a basic set of services, which fully corresponds to the Scandinavian standard of quality and hospitality.

Recently a very convenient online service to track the queues at the Finnish border.This will help tourists avoid dlitilnyh utomotelnyh and downtime, which often spoils the impression of communication about the rest.

Camping in Finland offer their guests the opportunity to enjoy located on the territory of a place for cooking, shower and toilet, as well as car parking and places for tents.Camping hotels of higher class is added to the standard features the possibility of living in apartment complexes or individual cabins, a well-groomed sports fields and a small private infrastructure.

In most cases, the Finnish state campgrounds are located close to entertainment centers.For example, tourists rent a cottage not far from the wonderful children's amusement park "Tykkimäki" in the town almost on the border with our country.Here you can swim in the clear lake, sunbathing on a sandy beach, boat trips or play sports.In general we can say that camping in Finland are so common that they can be found in any more or less large and important city.

those who want to relax quality and inexpensive, we can recommend well-known even outside the country "grow" camp, which is located in the suburbs of Helsinki.This proximity to the capital of the country suggests that the camping guests will be glad to modern living conditions and extraordinary purity of nature - a combination that nowhere else in the world can not exist.Here all guests can relax and enjoy your vacation, to visit all the local and the nearby entertainment to, leaving home, to remember with gratitude the past few days and think about re-visiting this camping.