What does Mary, or not so easy to learn Russian

said sign language is international.Certainly not!

While gestures can be explained even with savages in the jungle.For example, ask to eat, to drink.

But it is better not to risk it, and then, instead of eat, you can be yourself with food.

And in the more complex cases it is better not to bother with gestures.Because many gestures in different people are different.

simple example - where Americans are pulling the middle finger, our show has an entire arm up to the elbow.

remembered, what is this gesture?Full of pride for the Russian people?

That's exactly what this gesture and will be discussed in this hilarious story.

When America first wave of post-perestroika Russian emigration, everything must have been to learn the language in special colleges for immigrants.These places are usually located on the outskirts of the infamous, where the police runs day and night, and walking alone is dangerous.A class - in the evenings, temnotischa.But does our not catch.People to shaft lane because there is all the poor were given a small stipend.

Almost all the students in the evening classes were Russian speakers.Cheating and tips, to the dismay of teachers-Americana, were commonplace.This mutual responsibility in the American classroom is simply impossible to imagine.At breaks in the corridors - noise, noise, both in high school somewhere in Voronezh.Everybody knows each other, talking, laughing.Scholar, in one word, even as adults.US teachers made their way in the crowd edged, wide-eyed and slack-jawed - their students behave differently.Insignificant specks Chinese and Mexicans timidly huddled in the corners, they were clearly at ease and disappear after a few weeks of classes.

work in these colleges were those teachers who have not found a place in a decent place.He was among the teachers a little man with a strange nervous tic.He kept twitching and vigorously beating his hand on the elbow, making a gesture known as the arm just jump up.First, all laughed, but then somehow used to it and stop paying attention.Except for one lesson.

I had to describe the picture, which was painted vase with the girl and strawberry.A nervous tic prep students tried to stir up a conversation.What is there!All after work, discuss their affairs.The class is silent incessant hum.Teacher nervous, raised his voice:

- Mary wants ... - energetic brush roll up!

heard the first laugh.Prof boil.

- What Mary wants ??(Hand up !!!)

people start to laugh.Teacher boiled:

- You can not answer a simple question?What I like Mary?(Hand up !!! And again! And again!) Povalny laughter.Rev. only shakes his head:

- What's so funny?Why in all classes laugh?

The audience groans and sobs.People rubs his eyes with his fists.

- Do not you understand that he wants Mary?(Hand up! Again! Again!) You're adults!

Roar!Passage!People flocked to the party!

- inconceivable!These Russian very strange!They can not, looking at the picture to say that he loved Mary!(The hand flies up!)

All!No more strength to laugh!Around only convulsive sobs!

teacher in despair sits down and grabs his head in his hands.One of the students felt sorry for the poor fellow.The lady gets up, wiping away his tears, said:

- I will answer.

Prof-poor guy cheerfully jumps up and starts to rush excitedly along the boards:

- Oh!At last!Now we Lena replied that he wanted Mary!(Hand up!) I think Lena and this would not refuse!(Again - hand up!)

All!Lesson no more!People in panic brings down the class on all fours!Lena beating in convulsions!

Seeing such a thing fit from other classes:

- What, today, and you were Mary?

And the teacher soon left the college - could not stand the nervous work.Not so easy to learn Russian.

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