How to make plastic slopes with their own hands

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In terms of urban life (and in many villages) plastic windows have long been transformed from a symbol of prosperity in common.Installation of windows by specialists, t. To. There are in the process of mounting the nuances unknown simple inhabitants.But to finish the design of the new opening, and can be self - installing plastic slopes on the windows.

The matter is complicated at first glance.When there is a handy detailed instructions and list of materials / tools, each owner of the house will be able to easily cope with the task.

When you need to do on the slopes window

Often after installation of windows the owners do not agree to the professional installation of slopes.This is due to the considerable cost services.Often you can hear that the window is not affected by the fact that for some time "will live" without proper registration.However, such a view is misleading.Few people manage to soon after the installation of structures to strengthen their own made of plastic slopes.That time is not enough, the lazy, but you never know what may cause harmful interference ...

In fact, everyone really knows the specialist will name more than one reason why the window should be "brought to mind" as quickly as possible:

  • foam, which is filled cracks and gaps after installation, quickly collapses under the influence of sunlight;
  • a foam because of its porous structure, easily gets wet, which can both lead to mold, and during freezing destroy the treated area;
  • with time due to atmospheric effects may appear gap between the foam and the window frame, and all the efforts of professionals will be in vain;
  • naked foam quickly loses its ability to heat insulation.

This is not the whole list of reasons, but it is enough to understand that the slopes of plastic (with your hands or with the help of professionals - does not matter), be sure to build without delay the case indefinitely.

choice of materials for slope

made of plastic slopes are used for interior and exterior of the building.For each type of work will need some tools and materials.The right thing is to collect in advance all you need in one place.So, the list of materials:

  1. Directly PVC panels.By choosing them, you need to know exactly the size of the window, including the depth at which determine the width of the panel.
  2. Finishing plastic slopes require acquisition of F-profile, to turn over the outside.
  3. Party okantovyvayut adjoining U-profile (it may not be useful if zapenennuyu area around the perimeter of the opening 2 cm wider).
  4. Scotch for painting works.
  5. Polyurethane foam - a pair of cylinders.
  6. Clay capable of quickly dry out.
  7. White acrylic silicone.

Tools Required

Here is a list of tools with which we sew plastic slopes.The hands can be not that window openings bring to mind - to build a palace!It would be a desire, and, of course, certain skills.So, we need to work:

  1. Triangle, pencil and tape measure - for accurate measurements and delineate the corners.
  2. special pistol used in assembly foam cylinders (it is not required if the container has a nozzle).
  3. «The Bulgarian" or hacksaw - to quickly cut the plastic slopes right size.Although with a strong desire and the absence of such tools, you can use a knife and a large office - only to prepare him a little more spare blades.
  4. gun and extrude silicone sealants from tubes.

When you're done, you can proceed to a detailed study of the stages of instruction.

Processing outer slope

You can choose what is to close up the slope on the outside of the house.Distributed online advice on the use of silicone-based sealant or sealing tape of polyurethane with a capacity for self-expansion.

This is a good method, but adhesion of paint to the facade of the sealant is poor, and after a while the basics may peel off from each other, preventing the necessary protection foam.This should be taken into account when deciding on the sealing of the outer slopes.

best option is plastering the adhesive used for the tiles.His resistance to the effects of moisture and frost is the perfect argument in favor of this method of treatment of slopes.

Internal slopes

from the immediate living space, you can close up the slope in different ways.Previously, all the windows were finished with plaster due to its ease of application and low cost material.Unfortunately, the plaster can cause hypothermia slope and accumulation of condensate.So now increasingly prefer to made of plastic slopes.

main manufacturing steps

In the first stage, there are two choices:

  1. When the gap between the wall and the window opening wider than two centimeters, foam filled bumps are cut and there is a groove, the thickness of which corresponds to a panel of plastic.Thus prepared the entire perimeter of the box.
  2. If the gap width is limited to two centimeters or less, remove only those parts of hardened foam that may interfere with installation.

Second Stage.It begins preparation for the installation of panels.We need to decide what method will dock panel - at a right angle or at an angle 45⁰.More aesthetic looks an acute-angled joint.Make the necessary measurements (here just useful roulette, a pencil and a triangle).Then cut the available tools future slopes.Make sure the correct measurement is possible by applying to the desired place of installation.

third stage of the work involves the installation of plastic blanks.The panels are mounted either on the adhesive applied in the groove, or inserted into a box taped to the U-profile.The remaining gap between the wall and the slopes are filled with foam, which is good to keep the structure.

Moreover, this material is applied to a thin strip which expands in (on balloons indicate the percentage of extension).If you overdo it with the foam, it will increase, deform plastic.

To this did not happen, and the slopes turned out smooth, plastic panels fixed to the wall of masking tape.

After drying, the foam comes the fourth stage of securing slopes.It is bonding F-Profile on the perimeter of the opening.

final stage - grout the joints with silicone.He gently applied to the seams and smoothed with a damp cloth.

Summing up, it is useful to say a few words about the advantages and disadvantages of such slopes.

Advantages of plastic panels

  1. PVC materials have a very long service life.
  2. The total cost of all the items not hit the family budget, t. To. The panel of plastic distinguishes democratic price.
  3. easy installation and low installation time (one mounted derailed about 60 minutes).
  4. Easy care.They easily wiped or washed with warm water and mild detergent.

What are the disadvantages

  1. plastic known for its softness and instability of damage to the mechanical nature.When dents or cracks have to replace the panel completely.
  2. PVC products are not classified as environmentally friendly.No comments.
  3. Plastic is extremely flammable and toxic when burned.

Now that everything is ready, the characteristics of the material and instruction on how to use it studied, there should be no questions about how to make plastic slopes.

This article describes the most common methods of finalizing the openings of plastic windows.It is easy to perform and does not require large amounts of supplies.