What is freeze-dried curds?

term "sublimation" is known to us from the field of psychoanalysis.But it turns out that cooking also took it on board.What is the process of sublimation products?This you will learn in this article.We also look at the pros and cons of products subjected to this high-tech treatment.Today there is a freeze-dried cottage cheese, meat, fruit, butter, cereals and even vodka.There are also ready-made meals.Is it safe for the health of their use?Can I include freeze-dried products in baby food?Nutritionists continue to break a lance in this regard.Of course, it is difficult to imagine a meal without the usual dishes, and the use of tubes.But in a backpacking or situations where conventional products are unavailable, sublimates very useful.Let us consider in more detail this kind of treatment by the example of cheese.Because this product is known to be used for our organism source of calcium and phosphorus.

dream of mankind for long-term storage products

Even at the dawn of human civilization, people racked their brains how to keep longer hunting trophies.On-site parking of primitive people, archaeologists found a special pit, which is a precursor of modern cellars.Ice Age contributed to the preservation of food, but still, not all products can be stored for as long as desired.Later they began to smoke and salt the meat and vegetables - pickling and canning.But with the sour-milk products was not the case.Cottage cheese is good only for the first two days, and then only when stored in the shade.Then it requires heat treatment.It can be used for dumplings or cheesecakes in casserole.But here on the scene freeze-dried curds.After all, on this product we have now will be discussed.

What is the focus?

sublimation method is to deep freeze the product and its subsequent drying.As a result, the liquid enclosed in meat or cheese, turns into ice.Vacuum drying is designed to vaporize it.Thus ice passes in a gaseous state, bypassing the liquid.That is, the freeze-dried apples and pears are fundamentally different from dried fruit.The first method of processing preserves all the vitamins, dried in the oven lose their fruit.Well, freeze-dried cheese - what's that?The processing is the same.Fresh farm cottage deep frozen and then dried small ice crystals.As a result, the product becomes easier to fivefold.In order to use such a cheese food, it must be re-filled with moisture.But despite the fact that the process of turning into a full vacuum package reminiscent of steaming noodle pudding "Mivina" should not be compared with the freeze-dried cheese nutritious, but useless for health product.

history of the invention of the method

Not many people know that Russia here has contributed to the development of science.Vacuum freeze oven invented our compatriot Lappa-Starzhenetsky.Mining engineer by profession, he nevertheless became the author of the method by which we can enjoy weightless, but nutritious and dolgohranyaschimisya products.True, at first (in the twenties of the twentieth century), the sublimation method was used only in medicine.There were dry blood substitutes.Later pharmaceuticals used this method for the production of antibiotics.The Museum of Cosmonautics is possible to see the first freeze-dried foods.These tubes were to take astronauts into orbit.In the sixties, freeze-dried cottage cheese and other processed products of the new method came to help geologists and polar explorers.The general public became acquainted with innovative technology by the example of coffee "freeze-Dryden."Its beads are so similar to conventional soluble powder, but the taste was not unlike natural brewed coffee.

Curd sublimated What is this?

This is a relatively new product on the Russian food market.The raw material for him is a farm cottage tridtsatiprotsentnoy fat of the highest quality.It quickly and deeply frozen.Then the smallest ice pellet was dried in a vacuum drying.The result is a powder of light cream color.The moisture content in it - about four percent (compared to the liquid content in milk powder - 5%).To the product is not collected moisture from the atmosphere and is not oxidized, it is packaged in a three-layer metallic film.Inside the bag is filled with an inert gas, GOST certified.With the opening of the gas flashed.When such a product is undamaged packaging can be stored for thirteen months.Innovative technology, not to be subjected to heat treatment curd, preserves all the vitamins and minerals (especially phosphorus and calcium).Rebuilt with water, the powder regains its natural structure of fresh cheese.His almost Unlike conventional fresh cheese.

possible to make a freeze-dried product yourself?

have to disappoint you, but no, you can not.Even with a heavy-duty home freezer dried product so that the ice moved from a solid state into a gas, you are unlikely to succeed.Freeze-dried curds can do on your own unless researcher at the Research Institute (subject to availability of a special vacuum furnace).So if you are going hiking, and want to start every morning with a delicious cottage cheese with sour cream or berries, you need to take care of buying such bags.

Recovery product

Many consumers do not know whether to further prepare sublimated food.This depends on the fact that it is subjected to such treatment.Manufacturers sublimed as raw meat and ready-to-eat ham.In the first case, the product needs to be further heat treated, and the second - no.What about freeze-dried curds?Since the product is devoid of moisture, it is necessary for him to return.So we fill the cheese water at room temperature (20-25 degrees) in a ratio of one to three.Plain packaging of the product freeze-dried cottage cheese - 50 grams, so you need to take a bag of one hundred and fifty milliliters of water.Pour into a powder stir, we wait ten minutes.Fresh farm cottage in front of you.You can fill it with cream leather or freeze-dried.Such a product is suitable for heat processing, including cooking cheesecakes.

Pros sublimation

Imagine that you are going into a complex multi-day hike.What edibles you take with you?Canned heavy cans?Stew in glass jars?Or reluctantly nabete pack of instant noodles?It is time to find out what the freeze-dried cheese and other products.If we drag myself to tent and clothing with the shoes, then at least the provisions can be folded into a small kulechek.Think about two kilograms of eatables for the company for three or four days!And at rest is only on the fire to heat the fresh spring water, pour it freeze-dried products - and delicious, complete meal is ready.Fresh vegetables, fruit and cheese is difficult to deliver in the far north.It often happens that products are frozen.In this case, too, it is useful sublimate.A method of processing preserves all the minerals and vitamins contained in fresh produce.

Disadvantages sublimates

These should include a high enough price.It depends on the complexity of the technology, the need to use special equipment.Besides the raw material for processing is taken of the highest quality.For example, freeze-dried curds - is the freshest, fat (at least thirty per cent) of farm cheese has undergone deep freeze, and then dried to a powder.Therefore, it is unlikely in the near future the prices for such products will fall.High cost (eighty rubles per bag pyatidesyatigrammovy cheese) also causes a deficiency.Sublimate can not be found on supermarket shelves.They can be ordered from online stores, clubs, tourist sites (eg, "Wanderer").Perhaps the price of sublimates will seem excessive.But stogrammovogo bag of beef you get a kilo of reduced meat.And it does not need to carve.

Future - sublimate

of course, we are far from that futuristic era, when people eat powders, and the whole process of cooking will be to extrude the contents of the tube onto a plate.While there is fresh food, why should we abandon their use?We all feel the difference between the reconstructed juices and fresh juice.Freeze-dried curds are no exception.Let's see what the packaging will inform about its composition.We see that the raw material for the manufacture of a product served as cottage cheese, cream, cows and ascorbic acid.Although carbohydrates, fats and proteins in a balanced curd, and the energy value is 534 kcal, it is not necessary to give preference to his fresh farm cheese.

How to distinguish between high-quality freeze-dried product?

Although recovery technology was born in Russia (or rather, in the USSR), now it is not the mass market in our country.Abroad more people regularly use sublimates on the menu, not just going on a hike through places far from civilization.As for us, they remain rare, almost exotic.However, there are domestic manufacturers.Make ready meals, fruit, meat, dairy products and freeze-dried curds "Gala Gala" (Moscow region), "Biorhythm" (Pavlov Posad), "Galaxy" (Volgograd).Buy these products can store in the capital's "Extra."

Foreign producers

Abroad sublimates more known.And because there is plenty to choose from.Among foreign manufacturers sublimates well established US firms' Montayn House "and" Alpin Air ".Among European brands can recommend the Dutch "MX", the German "Natural High" and "Weiss" Norwegian "MRE".As for the price, it is a little different from the cost of Russian products.So, for cheese, freeze-dried abroad are asked not to eighty rubles per bag of 50 grams and a half dollar.The cheapest is the Norwegian brand "MRE".For example, a bucket of freeze-dried cooked meat is worth a hundred dollars.These products can be stored for twenty-five years, and her fifteen packs of four servings.