Vudubickiy - how to get there.

Vydubychi monastery - one of the oldest monasteries located in Kiev.On location it is also called the Kyiv Vydubychi.Laid abode Prince Vsevolod Yaroslavich in the 70 years of the XI century.As a family it belonged to the monastery of Vladimir Monomakh and his heirs.

name of the monastery

According to legend, the place where was founded Vudubickiy - Vydubychi - owes its name to the ancient gods of pagan Russia.The fact is that when Prince Vladimir, it was decided to adopt Christianity as a state religion, he ordered all the idols lose water in the Dnieper.Not all the people of Kiev then took this idea with enthusiasm.Devotees faith of their fathers Kiev ran along the shore, calling their gods "vydubat", ie fish out of the water onto the shore.The place where they finally drew to the shore, and was subsequently named Vidubichi.

There is, however, another version of the origin of the name associated with the ferry, which existed across the Dnieper River in a place not far from the future monastery.The people of Kiev were transported on it by boat, called "oaks" because of the fact that they hollowed out of oak trunks.This was the reason to name the area as it is called now.However, the name

Vidubichi this place could give as ordinary people and monks cave Zvirynetsky monastery that existed there before the baptism of Rus Prince Vladimir, and who later became a Vydubitsky how to swim out from under the ground.

The initial role of the monastery

Immediately after its founding Vudubickiy began to play an important role not only in the spiritual life, but also in the political process.It was in this monastery were many diplomatic negotiations, the troops were formed.The monastery is traditionally imeel reputation of the monastery in which they live and work, many scientists monks.Next to the church area quickly built a residence for the wife of Prince Yaroslav the Wise, the so-called Red courtyard.Cave same room gradually lost its importance, while not gone out of sight and do not become a legend.

cave complex

By the end of the XIX century, and no one did not believe that the cave was once really existed near Vydubychi monastery.By chance they discovered only in 1888 as a result of the collapse of the hill area.During the inspection of tunnels was discovered about three dozen corpses.According to the most likely hypothesis, it was the monks who hid in caves during the siege, and hope to ride out the storm of the monastery in an underground room.But enemy troops found them and walled up, causing them to die of thirst and suffocation, and about the cave with time forgot.

life of the monastery to the XVIII century

In the XIII century Vydubychi Monastery losing its political clout.As one of the mansions of Kiev, he existed until the XVII century, when it began active building with generous sponsorship.At one time Vudubickiy came under the control of the Greek Catholics.Of course, the Orthodox Uniate tend to blame the administration of desecrating shrines, but, nevertheless, it is thanks to them that we know about what lived in the monastery at the time.Greek Catholic monastery abbots led affairs in order, streamlined the archival documentation.It turns out that before Catherine the Great signed a decree on the secularization and the seizure of church lands to the state, the monastery had a very good profit from the brick factory, two villages, pig farm, a few fields, gardens and ponds.In those days Vudubickiy considered rich, and it attracted a lot of novices in seeking not ascetic feat of faith, and a light, nourishing life.Thus formed brethren of the monastery quickly fled when she took all the possessions.Life in the monastery virtually ceased.Some time after the secularization, he played the role of an elite boarding house and cemetery.

Buildings monastery complex

With regard to the architecture of the monastery, it is a thousand years, of course, it modifies.The original wooden buildings erected in ΧΙ century, of course, did not survive.One of the oldest churches in the monastery - it is Michael the Archangel Cathedral Vydubychi monastery.They built the temple when Prince Vsevolod.Over time, I began to erode the foundation of the Dnieper hill on which stood a church, and then it was decided to build a retaining wall designed to protect the temple.The project was completed and implemented in the XII century Miloneg - court architect.Retaining wall copes with the problem for several centuries, but eventually decayed.As with restoration work was delayed, in the XVI century Cathedral still hurt: the dome and the sanctuary collapsed into the waters of the Dnieper.As such, the temple stood for a long time, until finally, in the second half of the XVIII century it was not restored.

In the XVII century the monastery complex, as has been said, starting to be enriched with new buildings.Among the other five-domed church was built in honor of St. George, Church of the Savior and a new stone refectory.In the XVIII century the monastery was attached to the tower.In the original draft, the belfry was to be a gate, but because of errors in the project during the construction of the bell tower cracked, and squinted.To save the structure, it was necessary to lay the lower tier of bricks, and the gate to do nearby.In the 80-ies of XX century, most of the buildings of the monastery complex was reconstructed.However, work in this direction are still to this day, at the expense of the monastery.

monastic necropolis

Since ancient times, the monastery was a necropolis in which were buried important, noble and prominent personalities.Today, there is a necropolis and keeps the remains of many of distinguished public figures, as well as scientists and artists.

Monastery nowadays

Today the monastery complex is located at the Botanical Garden named Grishko, although previously the entire territory occupied by the garden belonged to a monastery.Abode is acting owned the jurisdiction of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Kiev Patriarchate.On its territory it operates several workshops (pottery and weaving from grape vines), and two art galleries.In addition, the clinic operates Vydubychi Monastery for drug addicts.Abbot is Metropolitan Epiphany (Dumenko).


About clinic monastery is worth mentioning separately because it has a long history.Monastery hospital was arranged in pre-revolutionary years of imperial command.A rehabilitation center functioning at this place today is its successor.First of all within the walls of this institution assisting people with drug and alcohol addiction.In addition, the scope of services includes specialized care hospital suffering from schizophrenia, depression, anorexia, bulimia, and to all those in need of qualified psychological and drug treatment and specialist consultations.Among other things, employees of the center are among child psychologists, so that children can also be patient institution.The basic form of the institution is to provide outpatient care.But the possibility and emergency assistance in the case of drug or psychiatric problems.The center also has its own pocketbook hospital.

Vudubickiy - how to get

Many people when visiting Kiev want to visit a place with a long history, to which the founders themselves had a hand in Russia as the Christian East Slavic state.The natural question that arises from those who decided to go on a trip to Vudubickiy: "How do I get to him?"If sent to the monastery on the right bank of Ukraine's capital, you need to first go to the metro station "Friendship of Peoples".Then you have to sit on the 55 or 43 bus and trolley bus to get to the bus stop "Paton Bridge."Then it will be necessary to walk toward the Dnieper highway, in front of which turn right into the street Vydubitsky.At the end of the street and is the abode.If we follow the left bank of Kiev, it is necessary to get on the same bus and the same trolley to stop "the Great Patriotic War Heroes' Square", then walk to the monastery on foot.