Travel to Venice

In Italy, an extraordinary city, spread out over several islands.The city, which until 1866 was considered as a separate state, a tourist mecca, open-air museum - all of Venice.It is believed that the exact date of the settlement on the site of Venice, is still unknown, and refers to the period between 421 and 452 years.Just at this time Ancient Italy suffered another cruel invaders raid on their territories.Residents of the north side were forced to flee from the barbarians to the wild islands of the Adriatic.Wetlands not seem livable, gradually acquired the lived-in look, the settlement grew, which subsequently led to the emergence of the beautiful city on the water.

fully utilized in the new lands, residents are faced with the problem of the protection of their territories, so to the 466, it was founded the first Venetian government, and much later - a single ruler - Doge.

It Doge's Palace is still considered the main attraction and hallmark of Venice, it was held the meeting of the Supreme Council, was to judge, and the Senate.Doge's Palace, designed to catch the imagination and thrill at the foreign ambassadors, lives up to its destination.A huge three-tiered structure, made in the Gothic style and has many statues dedicated to the rulers of the city, a huge number of turrets, columns and arches.Paper gate through which you can get right in the arched gallery, staircase of the Giants, which received its name from the two enormous statues of Neptune and Mars, patio Senators halls of the Senate and the Great Council ... It is impossible to list all the beauty of this ancient building, on the creation of which worked only known andskillful craftsmen.The fire that occurred in 1577, virtually destroyed the building and the construction of the bridge Realto, Antonio da Polten, completely restore the original appearance of the palace.

Realto Bridge, located at the narrowest point of the channel Grande, has replaced four of his predecessors, in 1588 when the architect, bypassed meters such as Michelangelo and Sansovino, it began construction of a stone building.Huge arched piece of art today is a place of active street trading, as initially Antonio da Polten, the construction of the bridge, has provided tenting merchants.Here tourists can buy souvenirs for all tastes.

traveling in gondolas on the Grand Canal of Venice, you can stay at the Piazza San Marco.Here, apart from the Doge's Palace, is the second most important attraction of the city - the Cathedral of San Marco.Magnificent building a chapel joined the rulers of Venice and the church with the remains of St. Mark's, and acquired the status of a symbol of power, political and religious history.

Santa Maria Friars - the second largest church in Venice, splendid and magnificent building, built by the Franciscans from the simple brick has at its disposal painting by Titian and Giovanni Belin.

Legend has it that in 1630 the city struck plague, and members of the Senate, frightened scary prospect, made a vow to the Virgin Mary to build a monument in her honor, if the city will stand before the ordeal.So, in 1631 it was built the church of Santa Maria della Salute, whose name symbolizes health and salvation.

Realto Besides the famous bridge, tourists, on their way through the channel can visit the gloomy Bridge of Sighs.Made in the Baroque style, this bridge is a sad monument to the unfortunate human existence.After all, on this bridge, the only exit from the Doge's Palace, were sentenced to death people.

Other attractions include the beautiful Venice is worth noting, and the Clock Tower, built in 1496 by architect Mauro Koduchchi, and supplemented by other artists in 1500 and 1755 respectively.On the roof of the chapel are two famous bronze figures that every hour, has for four centuries, beat their hammers the bell.

But not only tourists in Venice itself is something to see.On many islands surrounding the city, are located other attractions.On the island of San Giorgio, for example, for an additional fee you can visit the Monastery and Church of St. George.On the island of Torcello located the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assuanta and the church of Santa Fosca.

But for tourists who want to bring home souvenirs made real Venetian masters, direct route to the islands of Burano and Murano.Besides visiting the local bell tower of St. Martin and the Basilica of San Donato in the local bench can buy strikingly beautiful handmade products made of glass and lace.

Activities in Venice each year, can be compared in scale and grandeur except that only a Brazilian carnival.Venice Film Festival, held in the city every year, try to visit the shark show business all over the world.During the festival, the city begins to live other than the usual measured life.In the air hovers a sense of celebration, joy and unity.Striking in its grandeur and mystery and Carnival of Venice.It is believed that its heyday this holiday reached in the 18th century, when the colorful action took place in the presence of a mandatory attribute - masks.With masks carnival participants can hide their origins, blurs the boundaries of estates, people infected with the spirit of unity and power of its people.During the carnival, which lasts just over a week, you can attend the balls, taking place in the palace, to feel like a resident of the ancient era, participate in races gondoliers on the Grand Canal, to see different colorful performances of clowns, musicians, street entertainers.Ends big act "Gold Night".This is the time when the general atmosphere of fun and permissiveness reaches its peak.

But not only the sights and carnivals nice Venice.Lovers of simple, quiet relaxation in the warm sea, direct route to the island of Lido, which is famous for its hotels.Here you can stay in the hotel for every taste and wallet, in Venice as a major tourist site, it has more than one hundred items of hotels from 2 to 5 stars.Very profitable in recent years has been to book individual rooms with shared kitchen.

Arriving in Venice during such events, it should be noted that prices rise significantly this time, so tourists should be reserved additional funds to enjoy a holiday in full.

Making shopping, you should know that Venice is considered to be not the best place for shopping due to the small number of stores and high prices.However, compared with all the same Russian boutiques, Venice wins and the price and quality of products offered.Conveniently, that all the shops are concentrated on two or three main streets and not scattered throughout the city.On the Mercerie, the famous shopping street, as well as Calle Larga, departing from Piazza San Marco, you can find everything your heart desires, and there are a lot of shops the world's largest brands.The bridge Realto tourists meet its glass doors, a major department store Coin.There are plenty of shops and on the periphery of the city, but it should be noted that, moving from the center to the outskirts, the quality of things begins to drop significantly.For example, in the street Mercerie can buy this bag from Gucci, worth 1000 euros, but the blacks from street vendors, shops on the outskirts of Gucci for 150 euros to buy is not worth it.In Venice, as elsewhere in the world, thriving cottage industry products of similar brands.

Venice is famous for its fine cuisine, luxurious fish dishes, Tuscan wines.But to find a really inexpensive restaurant that really meets the requirements of a gourmet, is not very easy.Also note that the mode of operation in various institutions also differ.Some work only at lunch time, and the other into the early evening.Among the decent and inexpensive it can be called Taverna del Kampielo.From a small gourmet restaurant offers stunning views of the Grand Canal, and the rich and inexpensive buffet attracts crowds of tourists.But the restaurant finishes his work about seven o'clock in the evening.On the street, San Polo is a bar-restaurant Al Muro.A distinctive feature is the so-called "dish of the day" restaurant is perfect for an evening of rest Saturday.For Santa Margherita there are many mini-bars and small restaurants that operate in night mode.

In general, the beautiful and romantic Venice is worth a visit.And I want to believe that, contrary to pessimistic predictions of some scientists, it will not be a second sunken Atlantis.