How to format a hard drive on a laptop: Ways

most frequently asked question: "How to format a hard drive on a laptop or desktop computer?"Why is this necessary?This article will describe how this procedure and its purpose.

Format the internal hard drive with built-in software tools

Windows operating system already has built-in tools that allow you to format without using third-party software.This process can be done in two ways:

  1. Formatting using the control panel drives.In this case, the context menu by moving the cursor on the icon "My Computer" on the desktop and clicking the right mouse button.Then choose "Manage" and then open a new window, which will display all the available functions.In the left part of the need to select "Storage", and then - "Disk Management".In the right pane displays all the media, their file system, and will be given the opportunity to work with them.
  2. Formatting with Explorer.To perform the task just move the mouse cursor on the icon "My Computer" and clicking on it with the left mouse button, open a new window.In the left-hand side, you will see all the information stores.Choose the correct drive, move the mouse, click the right mouse button and on the shortcut menu, select the "Format".Then you expose all the necessary parameters and click on the button "Start".

Formatting the hard drive from the BIOSa

This function is performed in the following cases:

  1. Installing the software.Running as a means of built-in features of any distributions, as well as in attracting third-party software such as Acronis.Keep in mind that if this operation is carried out with the store, which was already in operation, then before you format the hard drive on a laptop or desktop computer, you should make a backup copy of all the information stored on it.
  2. When replacing the HDD.The essence of the work is a breakdown of the new hard disk into logical sections, and then install the software.In this case, you can do standard possible, install software and do not use other programs.

View media

Many people want to repeatedly view their favorite movies, listen to music, or dig in the family photo archive, resorting to the help of the big screen TV and DVD-player or any other device that supports the reading of data from external media throughUSB.However, the standard plastic carriers (CD) sooner or later, scratching and, as a consequence, fail.And the amount of information recorded on them is negligible.And a way out of this situation can be found?Come to the aid of ordinary hard drives for notebook computers and so-called "pockets" (special device for connecting to other devices, hard disk drives).

But that's not all.It is worth remembering that the DVD-player or the same car radio supports only one format an external drive, and to ensure that everything works before recording media files you need to format the hard drive in fat32.Thus, the device will identify an external source and normally read all the information.

What if the hard disk asks to format it?

During operation, hard disks there are such situations in which the operating system may suddenly be asked to format the internal hard drive.It can be interfaced with a number of a variety of reasons, the main of which is the failure of the drive.We should pay particular attention to the fact that carry out the procedure with the help of built-in software is not recommended, as it will erase all the information stored on the drive.Before you format a hard drive on a laptop or desktop computer, you should use third-party utilities that will make a backup.Many of the experts in this case, use the program Acronis or GetDataBack.How to use the application data is quite affordable in the instructions for working with them.This method is suitable in cases where the flash drive or external hard drive formatted requests them.

In cases where this method does not give positive results, should immediately stop further action and contact a certified service center.

Removal information during presales

In our life there are situations when you have to part with your favorite PC.And for this it is necessary to conduct pre-training and remove all the excess information to a potential buyer.In such cases, there is a logical question: "How to format a hard drive on a laptop or desktop computer so that it was not possible to restore deleted files and folders?"

To do this, make a backup copy of all the information and vselogicheskie disc format, and then burn them to any kind of files, and then re-formatted.At the last stage of preparation for the sale of the PC you need to replace your old operating system new.This procedure is performed directly from the BIOSa using the installation CD.

Can frequent formatting the hard drive to inflict any harm?

Contrary to popular belief, we note that even the most frequent formatting the hard disk of a laptop, desktop computer or external drive can not cause any harm.This procedure does not contribute to the demagnetization of the plate surface, the appearance of bad sectors, premature wear of the drive HDD or any other failure, is capable of causing damage to the drive.All these myths are not backed by facts.The surest way to a hard drive to the dump - misuse, overheating, or shake.