Startup Repair Windows 7. What can disable recovery run Windows 7

Quite often used in computers run Windows 7 recovery after any errors.It can as good or very favorable impact on your operating system.Today we talk about how to manage the restoration of the system startup.

What recovery means

recovery tool restores run Windows 7 operating system.It may fix a number of problems that hinder the proper operation of Windows.However, this process starts scanning the computer thus determines the existence of problems and errors, trying to eliminate them and to ensure the proper and efficient operation of your "iron friend".By default, every Windows operating system enabled "Automatic System Recovery".If desired, you can disable it.But without any knowledge of your own computer to do such manipulation is not necessary - even if the machine is checked, restored and functioning normally.Although there are times when recovery run Windows 7 - a long and boring.This is a signal to to think about checking the "iron".Of course, the restoration of the launch of Windows 7 is not 100% guarantee the correct operation of the system - there are errors that can not handle recovery tools.On them will be discussed later.

What recovery tools can not cope

Startup Repair Windows 7, can not solve some problems.As a rule, are subject to recovery system files that have been corrupted, deleted or not delivered at all.On a larger recovery is not capable.Thus, it can not eliminate the rejection of the equipment - such as a hard disk or memory of incompatibility.In addition, the restoration of the launch of Windows 7 can not protect your computer from viruses.

Recovery does not help and the problems of installation.For example, if the operating system was originally stood up "curve", it is the use of recovery tools will not.Are non-refundable and "repair" personal files (photos / videos / documents).In order to keep your data, you need to do backups.

If recovery fails

In order to solve the problems can not be rectified using the system recovery, it is necessary to detect malfunctions.On the screen you have in any case will be a summary of the errors, and some documentation.Thus it will be possible to see what was the matter, and take appropriate action.As a rule, if the recovery fails, it is necessary "to correct iron" or reinstall Windows.

boot repair manual

There are several ways: boot repair of Windows 7 manually using the software automatically using the recoil system.Now we will focus on how the "hands" to restore the system.

In order to answer the question: "Restoring Windows Boot Loader 7 - what to do for manual recovery?", You need to have patience and, of course, the boot disk Windows 7. We now proceed directly to the process of recovery.

  1. Configure the BIOS to boot in the first place and was reading your drive.
  2. Insert the installation CD into the computer with Windows 7 and reboot the device.
  3. you will see the familiar window system reinstallation.At the bottom left you will see the "System Restore."Click on the button.
  4. Then before you jump out the window, "System Recovery Options".Choose the one you want to restore, click "Next".
  5. Then select "Restore system startup" - "command line".
  6. Write in the window: «bootrec.exe».

Keys Bootrec

In the manual method, the recovery after the last point you will see the so-called keys.They explain how the recovery will be implemented system Windows 7. Now we see what clues responsible for what.

FixMbr - there is a write-compatible with Windows 7 master boot record to the system partition.This option is used when damaged master boot record or from the need to remove non-standard code.The existing partition table is not overwritten.Restoration of the launch of Windows 7 for a long time may bother you because of these records, but FixMbr you get rid of the problem once and for all.

FixBoot - the system partition boot sector recorded a new, compatible with your operating system.This key is used when:

- replace the boot sector of non-standard options;

- damaged boot sector;

- if it is running a previous version of Windows.

After you select the desired recovery tool run Windows 7, write it and press Enter.Wait until the process is complete.Finish - boot of Windows 7 working again and restore the system.This will load, restoration of the system startup will be in good condition.

Recovery Programme

order to "return" the launch of the system, you can use a variety of Windows-programs, the restoration of the launch of Windows 7 in this case will be carried out almost automatically.This method is perfect if you do not have the original disk Windows.What, then, can be done recovery programs?

Heren's Boot CD

As a rule, salvation without the original disc of Windows 7 will be the so-called liveCD, which can be written anywhere: to disk even though the stick.Such programs are many.The most simple and convenient way - is to use Hiren's Boot CD.On this CD a lot of various recovery utilities Windows, but today we will focus on the most convenient and popular.Before you start, you must burn liveCD, then upload it to the BIOS.When this is accomplished, you can move on to the next stages.

Option 1 - Paragon HD Manager

One of the most popular utilities system recovery - a Paragon Hard Disk Manager.In order to carry out the restoration of Windows 7 through it, you must:

  1. Select "Program DOS» - split disks - Paragon Hard Disk Manager.
  2. In the menu item "Wizard", select "Restore boot Windows».
  3. In the next window select "Search installed copies of Windows».
  4. Select "Change Boot Record partition" and click "Next".
  5. Wait until the process is complete.After that, the program will overwrite the boot loader.Click "Finish".You can use Windows 7, once again without any problems.

Option 2 - MBRFix

Another convenient, fast and popular utility system recovery - MBRFix.It is not much different from the previous one.Is that your desire.To matter recovery system, Windows 7, will not have to wait long.Just follow these steps:

  1. Select startup liveCD item «mini Windows XP».
  2. In the menu, find and select the «Partition / Boot / MBR» - «Commandline» - «MBRFix».
  3. To restore the loader, enter the following entry: MBRFix.exe / drive 0 fixmbr / win7 / yes.
  4. Wait for the process and restart the computer.

Restore using the command line.This is another good way to quality and system recovery.In order to use the command line as a means of recovery of Windows 7, you need to:

  1. safe mode Start the computer.Do not forget to choose Command Prompt.
  2. Log in.
  3. register in the command line rstrui.exe.
  4. Press Enter and wait for the completion of the process.


can restore with Windows 7 to disable the restoration of the system startup.To disable annoying recovery of Windows 7 when you start your computer, you need:

  1. Login to "Start" - "Control Panel" - "System" - "System Protection".
  2. Find window "Properties" tab and open the "System Protection".
  3. In the "Security Settings" to find and select the drive on which you want to turn off System Restore, click "Customize".
  4. to "protect the system ..." in the "Options" Select the "Turn off system protection."
  5. Click OK.These simple and fast way can be carried out various manipulations with the restoration of the system.Do not forget that the recovery of Windows 7 can be done using a rollback system.At the same time your personal data will not be damaged.Possible roll back only if she herself can start, that is always the case if the inclusion recover boot Windows 7, which always checks for errors, but the operating system when it is operating normally.You will need to "roll back" the operating system on that date, when there were no problems.Rebounding Windows using the standard set that is included in the box.But if your computer has been exposed to some really nasty bug in the process there may be some problems that you do not particularly affect the quality of the system - you just have to be unusual and uncomfortable to work at the computer.The most common problem is the disappearance of the language bar in the system.

Language bar and restoration

Language bar - this is what you can see and is familiar to all.As a rule, the toolbar has a socket that features a keyboard layout and allows it to switch.Sometimes it happens so that it disappears.Then it is necessary to carry out the restoration start and run the Language bar in Windows 7. The easiest way - is to consult a built-in recovery tools.Why you and why "covered" language bar - to judge is difficult, because they can be a huge number.Nevertheless, all easily and corrected.Proceed to resolve the issue with this panel.There are two methods.

Method 1 - "People"

  1. Press Win + r and run intl.cpl.You can also use "Start" - "Control Panel" - "Regional and Language Options".
  2. Click the "Keyboards and Languages".
  3. Open the menu "Change keyboards".
  4. Next, you must choose the language bar in the window "languages ​​and text services."
  5. Check "is enshrined in the taskbar" and "Display test mark on the language bar."
  6. Next you need to accept the changes and click on OK.

Now the language bar should appear.

Method 2 - "Advanced"

  1. Press Win + R and type in regedit.
  2. Find tab in the registry:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Run

3. Check CTFMon the presence of appropriate "programs".If not, create one.

4. Right-click Run and type "create a string value."

5. Name the CTFMon and clicking RMB on it, click on "change".

6. Prescribe: "C: \ Windows \ system32 \ ctfmon.exe".

7. Click OK.

Language bar will fall into place reserved Windows 7. What a way to return the panels in place is right for you - decide for yourself.It all depends on your skills and desires.But do not forget that the computer can "zaremontirovat" to such an extent that eventually it stops working altogether.Be careful with the system files.Well, if you have several computers - one of them you can always see how to fix this or that mistake, which arose in the system.

In extreme cases, saving only a complete reinstallation of the system without saving the data.

It is carried out using the installation disks Windows.Before completely "demolish" the system, ensure that all methods of recovery are not working.If the output is no more - insert the disk into the drive, configure the BIOS to boot from a disk and get to work.Very often faults loader can cause problems with the installation of a new version of Windows, or with the waiting time.Try to read carefully all the installer writes.Be patient - any computer requires proper, often very painstaking care.

These simple methods can be put in order its own system.System Restore run Windows 7, and the Language bar is not so difficult.If in doubt about whether you can make your own all right, call the master.He just can tell you the right and high quality way to fix any mistakes.Try to conduct all necessary manipulations to protect and verify that the computer time and regularly.Successful repair!