When and why did the man returned after parting: psychology

feeling of love - that's fine, but the realization that the woman has a reliable support and protection in the form of its men, gives additional strength and a sense of peace.Everyday hardships tolerated much easier together.Relationship fill life with new colors.

Parting ...

But nobody is perfect in this world, and it is that one moment everything changes.It would seem that yesterday elect a woman looked at his eyes, full of love and passion, and today he is cold and if all closed to dialogue.Occasionally cooling occurs temporarily in a relationship, but it happens that this leads to the fact that the steam ceases to exist.The man leaves, and, left alone, the woman can only think and wonder what will decide after breaking the man.Will return it?

Why did it happen?

Having fact differences should initially to understand the causes of what happened.It is no secret that the atmosphere in the relationship depends on the woman.So often leads to the parting?The reasons are different:

  • feeling that all the pall.Feelings eventually lose sharpness - it is inevitable, but try to refresh them in the power of every woman.
  • Absorption lifestyle.Many of the ladies put chores is much higher than the need to devote personal time to their chosen.Even in a clean and tidy home is unlikely anyone will like.A man can afford a maid, a cook, and the rest of the domestic staff, fiancee he needed to spend time together and feelings.
  • Communication with loved ones in the complaint tone.Sooner or later, even the most resistant escape from this moral oppression.No man shall claims.
  • conflicts with relatives of the woman, that she does not get his way.
  • Extinction passion for the restoration of which no action is taken.
  • lack of love and deep feelings.

What you need to do a woman if she wants a man to come back?

After a period of spiritual experiences, outpouring of tears in the pillow and a few evenings spent in the company of friends, in the discussion of what guys ungrateful, there comes a stage when you need to change something.Returns whether the men after breaking up, mainly depends on the attitude of the female - what measures will be taken and what the result will follow.

first thing to do - is to do them.Left alone, she gets a little more free time, which is not necessary to carry out, bursting into tears, reveling in his own grief, and complaining to everyone you meet his tragic fate.This period can be perfectly filled with useful lessons.First of all - relax, listen to yourself, to understand what you want, not what you need.It's time to fall in love with its nature.It begins with the construction of a healthy and happy relationship with other people.The woman who appreciates and loves himself, is bound to attract a worthy partner.

Thoughts men

I wonder what they think men after breaking up?As a rule, they are also trying to understand yourself, your feelings.Some try to just take a break from living together, devote time to hobbies, meet up with friends.Those who are from a previous relationship immediately jumped into the new, in the initial period of enjoying the novelty of communication, burning passion, and so on. D. Next comes a time when a man makes a choice - to be alone, to develop a new relationship or to return to a former woman.

actions and feelings of the young man

behavior of men after breaking up sometimes surprising.Especially, if the initiative lies with the discontinuity therein.Instead, the complete disappearance of a former life, he begins to search for meetings, regularly reminds of itself, trying to attract attention.Often, the man calls after breaking up, to force former guard.Such actions take place when the perpetrator of the gap feels confused.He's not used to being alone, to take any decisions on their own, especially if the couple has been together for a long period of time.

Feelings men after breaking up mixed.On the one hand, it embraces a sense of freedom and lightness, on the other hand - it often becomes a hostage of this situation.At first, it is no problem.However, later the situation becomes a bit more complicated.When a man is just alone, it is much easier to understand.

If the young man had another girl ...

If at this moment he is in the society of the new chosen one, he often just want to escape.Like his relationship exciting, but one thing - seeing furtive lover, enjoy the intrigue and passionate encounters, and quite another - to live with her in the same area.The man knows life could not be better.And when something cute stranger at the moment can turn into a quarrelsome mistress.It happens so that the word of the elect to communicate with the former, the current passion for the first time shows its true face.

Possible scenarios

Further developments are under several scenarios:

  • If the reason for separation is leaving her for another woman, then, despite all the pain and tragedy of what happened, we must try to save his own face and disperse on a friendly note.Who knows how to turn life and what will happen in time.Perhaps a new relationship was not destined to develop into something more, then there is a chance to make it to the man returned after parting.
  • When a young person goes nowhere, simply because of the fact that the passion has faded.Often this happens after years of family life, when children become adults, and has nothing in common with his wife.In this case, you can try to return to her husband, just talk to him honestly.Maybe we should give him more freedom.Men age like to devote their free time favorite activities, such as fishing, hunting and so on.. In this period, better support partner, with his permission, you can join his hobby.Then, perhaps, was born common interests and themes for communication.
  • If a man tired of watching his chosen one in the form untidy, always unhappy and hurt, then you need to most effectively engage them.And do not complain about the lack of time.Now available are many ways to facilitate everyday life.Give myself up, visit a beautician, barber, do manicures and pedicures.Take time for a relaxing massage.Transformed to tune in a friendly way.Ask your elected representative to help you build your relationship.So you better understand why the man returned after parting.Psychology act becomes more clear.This means that in future it will be possible to eliminate all the causes leading to rupture relations.

If you look, it becomes obvious that the answer to the question of whether men returned after parting, depends largely on the woman.If she sees sense in continuing the relationship, kind words left unsaid and still made together, then this is certainly to be.Further, on the initiative of women all happen to Union reunited.If in future endeavors makes no sense, as in the relations themselves, it is not worth trying.

When a man returns after breaking up before women have a choice - take it back or burn the bridges and let it float freely.In any case, after that time the life forever changed.After the events experienced none of the couples do not remain the same.

Why return?

There are many reasons why men returned after parting.Human psychology is arranged in a complicated manner, so you should look into first.Men returned because:

  • They uncomfortable to be no lady, her role in their life is quite large.
  • Compared truth is born.It often happens that the former, in the opinion of men has better quality than new passion.
  • representatives of the strong half of humanity sometimes you need time to understand how deep his feelings for the former darling.When they are sufficiently serious relationship resumed.

This is the most common reason why men returned after parting.Psychology - a complicated thing, so simple it does not understand.Grounds to return to the old relationship is actually as much as the personal views.Yet in the above can be found some clues.

When he came back to you ...

When a man returns after breaking up, and the woman decides to take him back, comes the stage of restoration of trust and relationships in general.Now it is important to consider all the causes of the gap and avoid repeating mistakes.It will not hurt to always find time to freshen up, organize it into a house or apartment.It should also be from then replace all the claims, reproaches and accusations on request.More praise for her man, and say nice things to him more often.

old relationships in a new way

Now I understand why the man returned after parting.They need a new relationship, but with the already proven partner.During this period, he gets more attention, accusations and pressure less.Life is getting better, the relationship get a second wind.Now women have to show all his wisdom and to establish contact with loved ones.An important component of full relationship in which both partners are happy - it is, of course, intimacy.

This should show imagination, to buy underwear for special occasions, at least sometimes, to create the right atmosphere and often pleasing favorite bodily caresses.The same applies to the tactile touch every day.You can make a relaxing massage after a day, which relieve fatigue and stress.Pay more attention and effort, and soon life will begin again though.


When the relationship back on track with a new force, is not particularly important, why men returned after parting.Human psychology is arranged in such a way that, if at first was interested in analysis of the root cause, he later lost.Partners simply trying to establish their relationship.

When the outcome of separation is not so bright, this is just accept it.In life it happens, and it is better to let a man do, and with them the situation, although it is not easy.Over time, life will show that such an action was the best solution of all.