Enterprise resource.

enterprise resources are tools that are available and ensure the implementation of its activities.They are used in order to achieve their goals and realize strategic objectives.

Scientists have developed several classifications.According to the most common of them, the company's resources are divided into several broad categories:

  • tangible,
  • information,
  • organizational,
  • human.

consider these groups in more detail.

tangible resources of the enterprise - these are sources that are needed to solve the economic problem.In such a case will be mainly quantitative and qualitative characteristics of them.And it must be borne in mind that the resources of the enterprise as part of nature, capital and labor are defined as primary, which are independent from each other.

The problem is that they are quite limited.That is why entrepreneurs need to continuously develop their business by increasing the amount and composition of the product.It requires the mandatory involvement of additional material resources.The main ones are the following:

  • Natural (natural), which find expression in the form of land and water, the air basin, minerals, flora and fauna, forests.
  • Economic resources of enterprises belonging to the subject, which are presented in terms of money (domestic and foreign currency).They are classified not only in the direction of attachment, but also sources for their formation.The most important internal reserves funding are depreciation and profit.
  • capital funds - material form of real estate, as well as assimilated to that of property (machinery, technology).
  • material resources of the enterprise include items of production, basic and auxiliary materials, raw materials, fuel, semi-finished, unfinished construction, auto parts, waste production, packaging and so on. D.

next group - scientific and information tools , whichexpressed in the presence of the head of his aides and staff information about the humanity of the market situation, the state of the economy, legislation and so on.

contents of this second group - a set of data that is properly organized in order to get reliable information.They include themselves as separate documents, or documents in the system of the existing departments: archives, libraries, data banks, funds and so on.

Human resources companies have personal character.In this perspective, the most important are their groups.

Firstly, human resources.This is the able-bodied part of the population that has the intellectual and physical abilities for professional activity and produces wealth (providing services).This group is characterized by a population that is able to work.

Second, the entrepreneur personality traits that reflect its capabilities based on experience and knowledge.

fourth group, organizational resources of the enterprise, includes the ability to mobilize the internal resources of the organization.In some cases, it will require the involvement of forces from outside.

optimal management of resources will allow the supervisor to take such action, which could result in a certain time to the emergence of opportunities for income generation and enterprise development.Therefore, the correct approach to this procedure will provide an effective increase in the long term.