How to get rid of ants in the bath?

To get rid of the scourge of formic invented many tools, but not all of them help.This is mainly due to the fact that many do not understand when to use these tools and how.Get rid of ants in the bath will be possible only in case if you are able to find the right approach to this important process.

First you need to find out as much as possible, which is very "home" insects.If you find it - to deal with pests will be much easier (but it may have to "raise" the whole floor in the bath).For example, you can pour boiling water dwelling hated insects - and your uninvited guests you will no longer be disturbed.In addition, they will help to get rid of the lime or tobacco dust.You just need to sprinkle the ant nest by these means, pre loosen it.

will struggle unsuccessfully with ants folk remedies.As you know, these insects do not tolerate strong smells, so this method was invented to get rid of them: you have an anthill (and if you have it is still not found, then the perimeter of the bath) put the garlic cloves, cut into several pieces.In addition, you can expand the tops of tomato and parsley leaves.By the way, black and cinnamon flavors, too ants do not cause much excitement.

From the tops of tomatoes to the same solution can be prepared - it will help get rid of these small pests.And the more concentrated solutions you get, the better.Pour it must be at the center of the anthill.You can cook and other means, mixing certain ingredients, such as water (10 liters), vegetable oil (two cups), shampoo and vinegar.The cost of the shampoo does not affect the final result, so it is better not to spend money and take the cheaper option.All of these methods are, and to doubt them is not: after all how to get rid of ants in the bath, people living in rural areas, is certainly known.

folk remedies In addition, you can use chemical, especially to get rid of pests by.For example, there are means to combat ants as special gels.With their help, you can forget not only about the raids of "hard workers", but also the invasion of wasps (if any).Just squeeze a few drops of gel approximately two feet apart where ants are found, and all that remains to you - wait a few days.It is also possible to overcome this plague, sprinkled with micro-granules called "Thunder-2."

How to get rid of ants in the bath, "know", and tools such as "Aardvark" or "Muratsid" (vial should be dissolved in ten liters of water, and then processed to give a solution all corners and places where going to the most insects)and plastic washers "Combat".These goals - a very insidious tool, equipped with special moves for the ants and containing the bait, which is located in the center.Insect, encroached on the delicacy fatally infected itself and brings death with him in his "home".After a while, one of his cousins ​​you will not see.

radical solution to the question "how to get rid of ants in the bath" is the use of sulfur checkers.It is necessary to ignite anywhere in the bath, immediately come out and firmly close the door.After a while you ventilate the room and forget about ants.