Professor and Associate Professor: that academic titles or positions in high school?

Regarding academic titles is very common question arises: what is it and how to get it?In this article we will explain what a senior lecturer.This word can simultaneously designate several concepts substantially similar.Firstly, associate professor - is the academic title of university professors.Secondly, the degree of employees of scientific institutions.The third position in the universities.With the concept of "Professor" is much easier - a person who is highly skilled in a particular field of science expert.

Who was awarded the title of associate professor?

at the position of assistant professor at the university - not to have an academic degree, which is assigned to an academic council of scientific institution (or institution of higher education) and approved by the Federal Service for Supervision of Education and Science.This degree is awarded for life.

Criteria for the position and the title of "DocentĀ»:

  • position assigned to university professors tend to have the title of candidate of science, after a competitive election to the Academic Council;
  • scientists awarded the degree of associate professor (earlier - "Senior Fellow");
  • lecturers and teachers of higher educational institutions of scientific and pedagogical experience of 5 years or more who have worked at least one year as assistant professor and scientific work with, can also receive this title.

What does the assistant professor?

Thus, associate professor - a position at the university or an academic title, which can get the lecturers, researchers and persons with a scientific degree "Candidate".

What's his job?

  1. PhD conducts teaching and learning work.
  2. Provides guidance on their own studies and research students.
  3. gives lectures, conducts studies and research, incorporating the results in the national economy.
  4. prepare scientific and pedagogical staff.

What is a "professor"?

Translated from the Latin word "professor" means "teacher."He is engaged in what is taught in universities, conducting research, implementing their results in the national economy, prepares teaching and research staff, supervises research students and their own activities.Professor - this title and position in a higher educational institution.For the first must be:

  • To have the degree of "Doctor of Sciences", own inventions or scientific works.Being elected by competition for the position of "Head of Department" or a year to work successfully in this position.
  • worked at the post of professor at least one year, have a great scientific and teaching experience, their own writings.
  • highly qualified individuals without any academic title, with a large industrial experience.Position can be assigned to an academic council on a competitive basis.

In this article, we learned that the word "professor" as "associate professor" - is both a rank and position.Only in the first case is assigned for life while in the second - on the period of work.The title of associate professor and professor alike in meaning.Earn them quite difficult, you need to really understand in their field and be an expert.