How to combat aphids on currants: practical tips

Aphids - it is a voracious insect that in a short time can destroy a lot of plants.In addition to flowers, it hurts more and berry bushes such as currants.However, not everyone knows how to fix this problem.If you have a currant aphid on how to deal with it - our prompt advice.

This pest is a natural food for a variety of insects: ants, ladybugs, wasps, but even they are not able to cope with a large number of these parasites.Therefore, a person has to use a variety of mechanical, chemical, and folk remedies.It should be noted that damage to already exposed currant early spring, so various artificial drugs or herbicides can harm crops.At this time, you can use mechanical methods.

Before fight aphids on currants, should carefully examine the bush.If the situation allows, it is better to cut off the damaged shoots on which the insects.In principle, they also can be washed from the leaves with a strong water jet, but in this case, pests can go back into place.It effectively destroys aphids soapy water

.For its preparation is better to take the liquid potash agent which has good solubility.In a pinch, you can always use soap.For a mixture need to take about 30 grams of money to 1 liter of water.After spraying, the insects are glued, can not move and eat, so die.

If you do not know how to deal with aphids on currants, can still make a trap for these pests.For example, take the capacity of the small size and bright yellow color, pour it in soapy water.Color is attractive to aphids.Insects willingly climb into the tank and drowned.If you have no time to mess with mixing, you can spread out between the bushes pieces of aluminum foil.This will prevent the spread of insects.

Before fight aphids on currants, determine the degree of damage to the bushes.Perhaps mechanical solutions to your problem will not help.However, there are many different concoctions that will help destroy pests, and to protect the bushes from their further appearance.For example, you can prepare a decoction of the potato leaves.This will require about 1200 g of green matter to insist a few hours in the water.Then strain the mixture should be and you can spray the bushes.In addition, you can use the dried raw materials.

If you do not know what process the currant aphid, or you do not have leaves, you can use onion peel.To this should infuse scales in 10 liters of water.Of this amount of fluid should take approximately 200 grams of raw materials.Well helps decoction of wormwood.For its preparation is necessary green mass of the plants in an amount of 1 kg (raw materials necessary to provyalit).It should be boiled in a small amount of water for about 15 minutes.Then the mixture is necessary to cool and drain.Moreover, the resulting liquid to be diluted with water (10 L) and soap (40 g).Now she's ready to use.That's all the answers to the question of how to deal with aphids on currants.