How to visually enlarge the room using wallpaper.

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In a small apartment or a spacious house is always a place that I would like to do more.Be sure to take into account all the factors: age and number of family members, their habits, taste preferences.In some cases, the removal of interior walls solves the problem with how to increase the room visually.But most often it is not the best solution.You can use other effective methods.


colors evoke different feelings and each of them has its purpose.Visually enlarge the room using wallpaper, you can.The main thing - to pick them wisely.Warm colors - yellow, beige, peach - give a unique comfort.These wallpapers are perfect in the living room.Bright rich colors banish depression, fatigue, energize.Keep in mind that if there is a question about how to visually enlarge the room, you should avoid too saturated and dark colors - they "take" space and light.Delicate pastel colors of pink, pale green, light blue soothe and relax, so will be an excellent option for a bedroom or nursery.

What Wallpaper increase room

room will look more spacious, if you use plain wallpaper pastel tones, allowed a small figure.The big picture in a small room misplaced.Vertical stripes on the wallpaper make the wall is much higher.It is the perfect solution for small apartments.In a room with low ceilings and poor lighting is recommended to use design techniques: the walls should be finished at the bottom of dark tones, while the upper half - light.At the junction of the materials to the site will be a horizontal strip.Image can also be combined with any other wall material.

How to increase the visual the room knows professionals.To do this, one of the walls papered with geometric patterns, and leave the rest of the plane, one-color.This includes the effects of optical illusion, the room is perceived as a more spacious.Keep in mind that a large contrast picture "takes the" space and spoils the overall impression.Small image also requires attention.If it is too tiny and often repeated, he starts dazzled.

Wallpapers recommended for use in detail and decor items, avoiding the bulk of drawings.Multi-colored wallpaper, separated by a border, will make the room already, just as dark.Using the wallpaper on one wall with a large figure, but on the other - with the image smaller, you can expand the space.This method is a combination of textures and colors - a good choice for a small cluttered room.

How else to expand the space

How to increase the visual small room with the help of furniture, if it takes almost all the available space?Pay special attention to the organization of space.Furniture, arranged around the perimeter, and bright accessories expand the space in the corners.

In small rooms should be used multifunctional furniture, which if necessary can be folded.Perfect sofa bed, a variety of tables, wardrobes.It is very important that this furniture saves square meters, without creating inconvenience to owners.Perfect for small spaces will be high-tech style.Glass surfaces, chrome and metal can create airy atmosphere.

not high enough room

in a room with low ceilings ideal wallpaper with vertical stripes.They visually stretches the room, the ceiling will seem immediately above.Suit wallpaper with medium-sized ornaments.The color of the ceiling is best to choose the most light colors, glossy will reflect the rays of the sun, filling the room with light.In this apartment, you can use the ceiling moldings, paint them white.

How to increase the visual room, bathroom and WC

in areas such as the bathroom and a small bathroom, it is recommended to use the wall panels.They are very easy to clean and are not afraid of moisture, which is important.The ceiling can also sew panels or mirrored tiles.How to visually enlarge the room even more?For the walls in the bathroom is recommended to use a glossy panel, the ceiling sheathe mirror.

mirrors in the interior

mirror effect - it's one of the most popular design ideas, which is most revealed in small rooms.Mirror on the wall always creates the illusion of more space.It reflects light and the whole situation, thereby making the room visually more spacious.However, if a family has young children, too much to hang a mirror is not necessary.Rectangular room can visually transform the square, hang a mirror on the wall, which is longer.

role of competent lighting and floor finishes

visual perception of the room depends on the size of windows.The more natural light, the room seem more spacious.Small windows should not hang dark textiles, will be to place the blinds, Roman blinds or light aircraft.If you can make the window without walls, it should use.Whole glass completely changes the perception of the room.

As for finishing the floor visually enlarge the room?You must use a uniform coating or longitudinal strips across the width of the room.Various diamonds, squares, and other decorations on the floor visually reduce the space.Also, do not welcome a colorful carpet, as the texture of the floor creates a pinching action.Any other coatings should be chosen no obvious patterns, it is recommended to pay special attention to the great elements.Well, if the door and frame not stand too, and the same shade of the walls.

main ways to increase the space

Picking textiles to match the walls, you can visually expand the room.Big pattern on the wallpaper significantly narrows the space, and plain wallpaper with a vertical pattern make the room much higher.In order to increase the total volume of the three walls can paste over self-colored wallpaper, and make a contrast.

Do not forget about modern technology finishes: glossy stretch ceilings with beautiful reflective able to increase the space of the room.And for those who like bold ideas, we can recommend to make a mirrored ceiling, which will significantly expand the boundaries of the room.

owners of small apartments designers advised to arrange accommodation in a minimalist style, arranged to get rid of knickknacks on the shelves.Various statues, pictures, vases and scatter the attention conceal the space.Instead of many small paintings is better to hang a medium-sized, and open shelves clean of unnecessary decoration.An excellent idea to gluing wallpapers on one of the walls.Visually increase the room wallpaper with the image in the long term, for example, the horizon, the sea, golf, mountain peaks or forest path, view of the city.

All these ideas and recommendations may be used in any room that wants to make a visually more spacious.Success in the design of the home!