The law on the privatization of residential premises.

Not so long ago, Dmitry Medvedev signed a law on privatization of dwellings, according to which the period for the exercise of civil rights to housing privatization is extended to March 1, 2013.Before the end of this period of time is running out, and people still ask, "How much is the privatization of apartments, and what documents are needed for this?".The privatization of property is the transfer of home ownership which citizens take on social hiring.The law on privatization of hostels, communal apartments and residential permits privatization of communal room and a separate apartment or house, only then you can feel like a full-fledged master of their square meters.

To start the privatization of residential property, you need to obtain the consent of all members of the family in the apartment, and to issue a power of attorney with a notary on the person who will act on behalf of all future owners, and execute the necessary documents.Legal advice in this case is not hurt, because you need to decide

: on the one or more family members will be issued property?Making the privatization of the apartment for a few owners means that each of them may dispose of their shares at the discretion and has the right to sell or bequeath it an unauthorized person.

collection of documents should deal with a person who understands these matters.Help in the privatization of apartments can also have a real estate agency, which will assume all the obligations of collecting the necessary documents, it needs only to issue a power of attorney and to assure it of a notary.Indicative list of documents for the privatization of the apartment looks like:

- form №7 and 9;

- social tenancy agreement;

- a copy of the warrant for the apartment;

- technical and cadastral passport;

- reference that each of the family members did not participate in the privatization of a dwelling house or apartment;

- form number 7 and 9 with all the places of residence since 1991.

immediately should stipulate that the documents for the privatization of the apartments have a well-defined deadlines, so they need to start to collect at one time and not too to delay applying.Rushing in such a case, too, can lead to undesirable consequences, even banal misprint in the document can negate the fruits of many days of labor.Law on Privatization states that after collecting the documents, future owners enter into a contract on the privatization of the housing stock, and they must be present in person.Those who can not attend in person, you must pre-arrange a power of attorney to another person.

After signing the contract, it should be required to register with the Federal Registration Service, after this document takes effect, and all participants of privatization become full owners of their property.Register privatization of apartments - is a necessary step in order to put an apartment on account of the state body.Despite the fact that the law on privatization until March 1, 2013 suggests the free privatization of apartments, this process requires considerable financial and physical expenses, because of the rapid processing of documents need to pay extra.

urgent privatization of apartments can be made in five days, during which time it is possible to collect the necessary documents, but the strength is still only housing agency.The difficulty in this case may create a redevelopment property, since a few days it is impossible to create a new technical passport dwelling.The cost of the privatization of the apartment urgently be much more expensive, but it's just a fee for the unspent time and nerves.

In the case of breach of contract by one or more persons or misrepresentation of one of the residents, with the result that he became the owner of the property, it is possible to privatize the apartment by the court, in which will take into account all the norms of current legislation.The law on the privatization of housing states that all conditions of the privatization of the apartment, a person acquires the property, which can dispose of at its discretion.Privatized apartments can sell, donate or bequeath to their descendants, to be grateful for such a generous gift.