The value of the name of Islam, a psychological portrait of its owner

And from it, among other things, depend on the nature, philosophy and personality traits.Also, each name has a specific meaning.All of this is important and interesting to know.

meaning of the name of Islam

It translates as "devoted to Allah."In the name of Arabic origin.

psychological portrait of Islam.Childhood

As a child, the boys of the same name differ kindness and sympathy.They love to run, play, fool around, so my mother often has to cover up zelenkoj injured elbows and knees.But in general, Islam does not give parents serious trouble, it can be called an obedient child.If mom or dad about anything he is asked, he would not argue with and come up with excuses and happy to do whatever is necessary.He knows the bed to be laid out, and it should get out of the room.

penchant for leadership, intelligence and talents

Earlier we learned that is the name of Islam, but what the nature of this boy?It is the clear leader among the boys.But to get into the number of his friends, you need to earn their trust.Islam is characterized by a great mind and developed memory, so in his diary dominated by good grades.He loves books and reading, even that is not asked.The boy not a day can not live without learning something new.On holidays, when the house is going to a lot of people love to entertain all of Islam: expressively recited poems (he teaches them all the time), as well as singing.Guests are delighted with the young talent.Generally, the boy begins to show early interest in art, he grows creative.

Oddities and sensitivity to criticism

It differs sufficiently strong piety, apparently, is dictated by the value of the name of Islam.Constant thirst for physical activity and a great curiosity often help Islam become a significant figure in the sport or the arts.Like any creative person from the owner of the name has little quirks and shortcomings, on which to work.Islam looks cheerful and carefree, but it is quite touchy and sensitive to criticism.

Professional activities

As for the work, among the holders of the name there are people of different professions.They may very well lead people, colleagues often consulted with them on various issues, such authority and helps them to quickly move up the career ladder.Islam can be a wonderful director, will talk about him, he is demanding but fair.It will not remain unnoticed and his pragmatism.All of the above does not prevent him to pray regularly, pray to God.Remember, by the way, what does the name of Islam.

Design quality and resourcefulness

Islam has a well-developed taste his home always looks stylish.
He loves tinkering various crafts, and often gives a close things made by hand.The remarkable quality that appreciate his family and friends - is the ability to get out of any difficult situation.

What do the letters?

  • And - religiosity (remember the meaning of the name of Islam - is the quality of his correspondence), vulnerability, compassion, peace.Friends see it as a realist, not noticing his penchant for romance.
  • With - the mind, the ability to work and the ability to earn money in times of anger - imperiousness and obstinacy.Islam must find their life path.
  • A - a penchant for art, art and gift of acting, sociability.A person must be properly reflect what he really wants from life.
  • A - thirst for useful activity, the pursuit of comfort and comfort.
  • M - empathy, compassion, perhaps modesty.Islam should reflect on its relation to nature.If he cares about her?It does not cause her harm?Improper relationship to nature a negative effect on himself.


So you've learned the value of the name of Islam, and even the interpretation of his letters.Now you certainly will understand better its owners, if any of your friends.