The truth about fat burning foods

Any girl, enlists the aid of diet, be sure to come across with such a concept as fat burning foods.It refers to those foods, eating that, we begin to lose weight.Oh, it was so wonderful if it were true, but unfortunately, this ladies just a myth.

In fact, those products that are kind of like burning fats are composed of nutrients and few calories.Thus, they will be properly absorbed by the body, without turning into fat deposits.To dispel your doubts, we decided to give a small list of the most popular "fat burners."


Myth: eating some pineapple in a week you can lose up to two kilograms.

Reality: Pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain, by which the body is easier to digest the heavy protein foods, and its crude fiber stimulate proper bowel function and quench the hunger.


Myth: actively burns fat and drunk daily glass of grapefruit juice promotes weight loss regardless of the daily diet.

Reality: organic acids contained in this fruit, promote good di

gestion.A main effect of drinking grapefruit this decrease insulin levels, which in turn blunts the appetite and prevents excess fat.


Myth: Celery is almost entirely composed of water, so when it is used it is impossible to recover.

Reality: This is one of the most useful and essential products for losing weight, but not because it consists only of water.It contains large amounts of fiber, whereby the good satisfies hunger, bringing the minimum of calories.


Myth: increases breast .

Reality: on breast size cabbage absolutely no influence, but being rich in fiber and water, it will be perfectly satisfy hunger without bringing harm to the figure.Also cabbage contains many vitamins and useful absolutely all its kinds, from cabbage to the Chinese.


Myth: sprinkling cinnamon sweetness, you can not worry about what they will be reflected in the title.

Reality: Cinnamon lowers blood sugar in the blood, preventing a surge of insulin.Adding ΒΌ teaspoon into porridge or yogurt, you will give your body the signal does not accumulate fat.

In fact, all of these products will become your loyal assistants in the matter of losing weight, just do not overestimate their ability.Eat right and do not forget about sports.

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