Turner - who is this?

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Modern production is so automated that to, say, make vehicles, toy cars, vacuum cleaners, kitchen utensils and other, just press a button and the process of creation is activated.Have you ever wondered, thereby operating the miracle of technology?The functionality and safety of automatic equipment, the designer provides every detail that goes into its packaging: bolts, nuts, bushings, clutches, and so on.. All these components - the result of hard work turner - a man from the work which depends on scientific and technological progressgenerally.

Profession turner

Turner - a specialist who deals with mechanical machining of various materials sawmills (metal, plastic, wood, and so on. D.) Through the ownership of skills to work on a lathe.

word "turner" has the Proto-Slavic roots and means "to sharpen", "grind."If you understand the rudiments of the profession were in ancient times, when people realized that any material can make the necessary detail.

specialist turning things work on the machines, which, depending on the type of material used are metal and wood.

Based on what lathes are of various kinds, and the work that you can perform on them are different, there are several specializations:

  • karuselschik-turner;
  • Lobovyk-turner;
  • revolverschik-turner;
  • turner-sharpener;
  • tokar- borer;
  • turner-milling;
  • turner-wagon.

is worth noting that the responsibility of the Turner is not only to work on the machines, but also with preparations, the choice of the best and culling, workplace preparation and cleaning after completion of the work process.

Turner karuselschik - it

engineering industry is not without its being such a specialist as a turner-karuselschik.He specializes in the manufacture of objects of cylindrical and conical shape, on the surface of which there are a variety of holes, slots, or that type of thread.Works such skilled at turning machines, functioning from the high voltage.The machine has details from a metal that red-hot and rotate rapidly.Therefore, compliance with safety rules is given special attention.

principle: workpiece machining is performed by the reaction of rotating the workpiece and the cutting tool, which moves with a given speed mode at an appropriate angle.

Turner karuselschik - a specialist, whose duties include:

  • workpieces on complex type of specialized equipment;
  • turning of a high degree of accuracy;
  • bore holes;
  • turning surfaces having a cylindrical or cone by using multiple cutting tools;
  • polytypic cutting thread;
  • workpieces plasma-mechanical means;
  • treatment of solid wheels rolled type of a clearly defined size after running.


Lobovyk Turner - who is it?This specialist works on a head-turning machine tools.The duties include handling Lobovyk buildings and semi-finished parts.We use heat-resistant metals (titanium, stainless steel).These professionals are essential in the aviation industry.

Turner revolverschik

Turner revolverschik - a worker serving Rotary-revolving machine tools and specializes in the processing of parts of different difficulty levels depending on the discharge of professionalism.Treatment involves the use of cutting tools and various devices.

What makes revolverschik?He cuts the male and female threads of different shapes (double flighted, rectangular, semi-circular, sawtooth, Single-thread, trapezoidal);manufactures a complete treatment for the micrometer screw;cuts, drills, chisels and tap nuts supportnym with a cutting length of 50 mm;handles drives for universal cartridges metalworking machines;grinds and chisels bunks and ball joints radius of more than 100 mm in the pattern;It handles cylindrical gears of different diameters and bearing shields.

Features profession Turner borer

Turner borer - an important person in the company.Its main task is processing elements - blanks from which subsequently gather various parts.The raw material may be a timber, metal, organic glass, plastic, and so on. D.

specialist determines the cutting speed and depth of detail.Certain cutting tool is chosen according to the individual characteristics (properties) of the raw material and the parameters of the cutter.Borer retainer and starts processing it.The output should get the blank, the dimensions of which fully comply with the given parameters, shown in the drawings and in the specification.Only in this case, the work Turner borer is considered to be productive and efficient, and the rest - useless labor.

borer in its work involves not only the machine tool mechanism, and measuring instruments complex type.The latter include indicators micrometers.

Another type

work on the milling machine turner - a miller.It handles rigid material type (metal, wood, etc.) By operating the cutter.In the production process in any factory or enterprise the employee plays a key role.

Tasks turner:

  • operations related to the processing of parts ordered parameters;
  • systematic monitoring of the work of art of the tool;
  • reconfiguring the machine for the production of other products.

Benefits profession

1. Demand.Today there is a shortage of specialists profession "Turner", which gives rise to the presence of a high demand for professionals turning the case among employers.

2. Turner - a highly paid work.The reason is the demand, difficult working conditions.In addition, their wages under force control to a specialist.As a rule, used piecework method of payment, which allows us to earn as much as necessary.

3. Implementation of creativity.Profession turner is perfect for creative people, as it allows to show their creative side as much as possible.The labor process, comprising the multi-type workpieces and parts, compared with art.

Disadvantages profession

1. Severe conditions.In particular this applies to complex device turning machines, the work which requires exceptional safety standards.It is also the result of any of the labor process on the unit are industrial waste: hot metal shavings, sawdust and other materials that you hit on the skin will cause burns, or injury.In addition, for safety turner to work in special clothes of thick fabric, which he has worn in the heat and cold.

2. The monotony.It manifested in the monotony of the working process, performing the same action on a regular basis.

3. No opportunities for career growth.Turner - a work does not imply any great career took off.However, systematic professional development and improving the skill level required.To some extent, this disadvantage is offset good wages.

What should be a turner?

future turner must understand that the profession he chose an interesting, but not easy.Most of the day's work turner carries on his feet in a relatively uncomfortable position, so the first thing is to have a turner - this is good health and physical stamina.

addition, turner must be inherent in even a number of personal characteristics, including:

  • orderly;
  • ability to concentrate;
  • concentration;
  • responsibility;
  • developed imagination in space;
  • ability to think clearly-effectively;
  • technical mind;
  • developed the ability to measure and determine the size of "the eye";
  • hard and diligence;
  • exposure;
  • perseverance.

What skills and knowledge needed to take this position

Turner - a profession technical profession that requires knowledge of the physical laws, the characteristics of the chemical composition of processed metal structures and parts.It manufactures parts for well-designed and the parameters specified in the drawings, so all things are different specialists turning their unique ability to read blueprints.Turner device must know the machine on which it operates, the properties of the materials used.

Ability to plan the process of turning is also one of the key requirements.

Medical contra

Jobs turner absolutely contraindicated people suffering from diseases of the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular and nervous systems, visual and hearing aids.

Where to study?

Get turner profession in two ways:

  • finish secondary specialized institution, which is available in the cities of the Russian Federation;
  • get a production assistant Turner as a professional, which will be a teacher-mentor.

Still, the priority is the first method of obtaining the profession, which implies a full program of training on the basis of specialized technical schools and colleges.