Why guess on camomile? ....

This divination is so simple and natural, that, unfortunately, no one seriously engaged in studies of its origin.And yet ...

Popular versions reasons divination in Russia is on camomile (the Germans, for example, guessing on daisy): wondering on what is at hand is growing!In Russia, more than daisies here igadayut them anymore!

core daisy - yellow, which symbolizes the sun that islife, white petals symbolize purity, sincerity.In Russia, the daisy is the most sincere and truthful flower since ancient times.

And there is an old legend which, though indirectly, said about the ancient origins of divination on the flowers of chamomile.

In ancient times lived in the light of a beautiful young girl, she was beautiful as the dawn, like a gentle breeze and slender as a birch.

The girl was named favorite - Romash.Young people are very fond of each other, their love was so sublime that everyone around seemed to love to send them from the sky gods.

Once Romash brought in gift to his beloved little flower w

ith white petals and a red sun-serdtsevinkoy.

Never before has she seen such a flower and spend hours admiring them.Its simple and modest beauty as if it had been written off.Delicate and beautiful thoughts evoked a fragrance of a flower, and did not leave her indifferent.

- Where did you get such a miracle? - Asked the girl at her lover

What Romash said: "In my dream, I dreamed about you ... you - my love as the sun in the night appeared to me in a dream and become athis flower. And when I woke up, lay a flower at my bedside. "

- What a beauty!Let's call him Daisies, on your behalf - suggested the girl.

And the young man did not mind.

- But is it the only flower in the whole world?Let's share our happiness with all lovers.Collect as many of these flowers and give love to people - the girl said.

Romash knew that it was impossible to get flowers from sleep.But for the sake of their love, he swore that he would fulfill the desire favorite.

Long or short wandering young man in search of a flower.But nowhere, and no one ever heard of him.

And just on the edge of zamlyu met Romash keeper of dreams.

- I've got what you are looking for!But for my flowers if you really love, you'll have to remain forever in my country.Then I will give your beloved boundless camomile field.

And Romash agreed.For the sake of love and for the sake of his beloved, he was ready for anything.

been waiting for their favorite girl.But one day wake up in front of his window, saw the endless field of daisies ...

And she realized that her Romash alive and that he is for it got the promised flowers.And she realized that never again see his beloved, and that she loved and will always love it just ...

girl gave chamomile flowers to people as a reminder of its pure and eternal love to his beloved.

people like these flowers.

and love all over the world taking the petals from daisies to guess his chosen, saying that "like - not like", remembering the eternal, faithful and tender love between two lovers.

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