How to make peace with your loved one after an argument

In the life of each pair, even the most strong, misunderstandings happen often lead to serious conflicts.So at some point the question may arise: "How to make peace with your loved one?"

The most important

ended a quarrel - not the end of the conflict.This is a reminder that you have to re-gain the attention of your partner, which is currently very hurt and even angry.Sometimes it is not worth trying to make peace with the chosen immediately after the conflict.This can lead to misunderstandings and a new outbreak of the aggression.But to delay the reconciliation is not worth, or your loved one will think that you do not need.

Learn how to take the first step

the question of how to reconcile after a quarrel with her beloved, particular importance should be given to those who will first rapprochement after the conflict.The hardest part - in the heat of the explanations do not touch the partner even more.To do this, forget for a moment all the causes of quarrel and tell your loved one how you miss him, you miss.

be patient

It also happens that the chosen one is not yet ready to extinguish the conflict.How to make peace with your loved one, if he does not?In such a situation it is better to give the partner a little time.At the same time you can try to have a conversation on the abstract theme.Ask your significant other with a romantic movie to see - it will partner "cool" in the future to start a dialogue with you.Do not forget that conflicts are a cause of psychological trauma disorders emotional background.Besides, they are very strong influence on human feelings and prevent their manifestation.But the desire to extinguish the conflict shows a man in the best light, as to reconcile with the beloved, for example, may be able to understand, forgive and go for small concessions for the sake of his woman companion.

If there was a conflict

How to reconcile with a loved one after a disagreement?First, calm down.Try not to raise your voice and do not claim to your loved one.Psychologists advise after each conflict, take a deep breath and count to thirty himself.Ask yourself - what for you is more important: a silly little thing or love and understanding partner.Speak softly and gently, in any case do not raise the tone.If a loved one denies all your arguments and arguments are not angry - give him a little time to think, just do not put ultimatums and avoid claims against him.If the cause of conflict was not a small thing, but something more serious hindering your relationship, it is better to pay off a quarrel immediately.Go to its second half, in his arms, kiss and apologize.If you are the instigator of quarrels, explain that the word partner makes you feel uncomfortable, but, despite this, you really love and appreciate their loved one.

How to make peace with your loved ones after breaking up?

Very often quarrel ends the relationship.As a result, if no understanding is reached, the partners decide to separate.But despite the resentment and anger, feelings can persist long enough.And a relatively long period of some of the partners, or maybe both, I think, to make peace with your loved one.So, what do you do?

  1. Forget all the insults and think of reconciliation with the elect.Think of all the good and funny moments that happened to you during the relationship.Remember, under what circumstances, how and where to held your acquaintance.If you really want to return your relationship, then the number of positive and good memories must be greater than the negative and unpleasant.
  2. Begin with a call to your other half.If a loved one flushes your call or simply did not answer, try to visit the place where your partner is more often.Who saw, do not rush to start a dialogue.Put forward a proposal for a meeting at a convenient time for both.Try to assign you a memorable expensive place - it can be a cafe, where you meet, alley, where there was your first kiss, and so on.
  3. come on a date in that dress that was popular during the period of your partner relationships.At the meeting, remember all the beautiful moments ever happened to you.Tell your loved one that really miss him, they would like to return the time of your relationship, ask him to start all over again.
  4. If your spouse refuses to do so, offer to remain friends.Usually, the former couple are not against to chat again.It will serve as a good hook, and you can try again to build a relationship with your partner.Show that for him you have changed for the better and continues to love his chosen.Over time, your communication can turn into a warm, not friendship, and you can try to get close again.
  5. Use interesting move - make its second half a memorable gift or a souvenir.This little thing will remind partner about you and your wonderful relationship.Let Present express your feelings to your loved one - it can be a beautiful postcard, romantic message or a figure of two lovers.

warn differences

Psychologists advise to extinguish the conflict as soon as it arrives.Here are some tips that can help you significantly reduce the risk of new quarrels:

1. do not blame their partner in intimate terms - such reproaches are very hurt and are rarely forgotten.

2. Find the shared passion that will bring together you - ride together on a bike, go swimming, collect puzzles, visit exhibitions and museums, see interesting movies.

3. Taita not a grudge - the best option would be a soft form to tell a partner about what you feel.

4. are in your loved one more positive traits, and often talk about how you like them.

5. Avoid gossip about your partner - do not tell anyone about your relationship and resentment.

6. Rest of each other still has not banned - it will be a useful pastime, and you'll get bored of her chosen again.

7. Do not take on all the problems - your partner is too independent and confident person.

8. In dealing with a loved one avoid the prickly phrases: "how are you always", "all in your father", "yes your whole family this", "you can not be trusted."Do not criticize your partner, do not use the word "again", "always" and "never."