How many volumes of the novel "War and Peace"?

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Leo Tolstoy - Russian writer and academician of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences.

About the Author

According to family tree, Rhode Tolstoy belonged to the aristocratic families of ancient Russia.Born the author of numerous works in the Tula region, adolescence spent in Kazan, and then lived in Yasnaya Polyana.The writer served in the Caucasus, and on a personal desire to participate in the defense of Sevastopol during the Crimean War.

In that period he began to get involved in serious literary genre.The author has written many different works, some of them are still studying in school.This, for example, the trilogy "Childhood", "Youth", "Boyhood";novel "Anna Karenina."Leo Tolstoy - author of the novel "War and Peace", the famous four volumes about the life of the Russian people during the Patriotic War of 1812, the battles against Napoleon.

«War and Peace" - the story of the novel

work "War and Peace," the writer has devoted five years of hard work, which began with 1863.The manuscripts of the author has about 5,200 sheets of scribbled his hand, which fully displays the history of each volume.

should be understood that the writing of this volume required meticulous work on each chapter, and a clear understanding of the development of future events.During the first phase of a year-long, Tolstoy repeatedly changed their decisions - that threw the writing, then went back to work on the book, to determine how much volume of the novel "War and Peace" is better to leave that they express.

The basis of the product went to the author's personal interest in the history of the time, political events and the life of the country.Get to work Tolstoy decided after numerous conversations with relatives of his intention.The author was inspired by desire, I rallied and wrote a four-volume edition of "War and Peace."The history of the novel passed the essence of life in the country during the 1810-1820 period.

During the creation of the first volume of the writer most narrowed the scope of coverage of the chosen era and focused on major developments.For high-quality presentation of what is happening to them it was studied in detail a wide range of historical materials, certificates, documents, books, memoirs and monographs.Also, work on the creation of the future, he used a memoir of war, members of battles and warfare.

How many volumes of the novel "War and Peace"?

Many people ask how many volumes in the novel "War and Peace" - 3 or 4?The answer to this question is simple.In the final version of the product includes 4 volumes, each of which carries its own story and the story of a certain time period.

combines all of the common theme - the study of the moral foundations of man and his inner world.In his works, Tolstoy sought to convey to the reader his thoughts on the meaning of life, ideals and hidden laws of existence.

brief summary of the content

For several years, the author did not leave the strength and the desire to create.The enormous creative potential embodied them into the pages of the work, it is felt today.In the words of the author of the novel "War and Peace" - is not a historical chronicle, and not a poem, "War and Peace" - is epic novel.Later this line of presentation, and surpass many others get a decent calling in Russian literature, will become a new genre in the prose.

intense work the author has borne fruit, the objective has been achieved, a novel topical for the Russian people today.Then Tolstoy said: "If I knew that my creation will be read, and twenty years later, I would have devoted a product all my life!" How many volumes of the novel "War and Peace" would not have written the author, they are considered to berecognized, and for a long time, will carry the story of the brave battle of humanity and the fate of their land patriots.