What is different from the nature reserve and national park on the reserve?

order to preserve rare species of plants and animals, organized the creation of protected areas: nature reserves, game reserves, national parks.They are objects of federal significance.In order to maintain order in these areas, funds are allocated from the federal budget.

What is different from the national park reserve?There are several aspects.First you need to figure out what are these territories.What is different from the national park reserve in the different countries, can be understood if available for the purpose of their creation.

National Park in order to protect the environment from human activity created special natural areas.In national parks a restriction or ban on any business processes.Visiting natural objects person is permitted.In these areas may appear as tourists and ordinary nature lovers.

National Parks called protected educational and research institutions, which have a special ecological, historical and aesthetic value.The purpose of these facilities is in the environmental, educational, scientific and cultural purposes as well as in the regulation of tourism.

Each national park is surrounded by a zone in which the regime has been operating limited nature.All the land is divided into areas in which different modes of protection, for example, reserved, recreation, shopping area and the regulated use.

Objectives The main objective pursued by the creators of the national parks, is the need to preserve natural sites, areas of cultural and historical significance, the organization of zones controlled rest.The main task is to restore the previously disturbed natural, historical and cultural complexes, as well as in the implementation of special scientific methods of environmental nature.What is different from the national park reserve?The latter does not prohibit tourism and recreation.


order to conserve natural resources, set up protected areas and waters.What is different from the reserve of the National Park and Preserve?First of all, the fact that it is a territory where absolutely all objects fall under the protection of nature.They include soil, water, flora and fauna.

order to visit the reserve is required to obtain a special permit.Within this area prohibited any economic activity, there are no industrial enterprises.It also does not break new ground and do not mow the grass, can not be on site to organize hunting, fishing, gathering mushrooms and berries.

federal law, which prescribes the status of protected areas, transfers land and water areas in perpetuity reserves.

main objective

The priority goals are the protection of nature reserves and maintaining the diversity of biological complexes.In these areas organize the various scientific research and environmental monitoring is carried out.There is also a main task of reserves include the processes of environmental education and to promote the issue of training of specialists in the field of environment.This national program, which includes more than a hundred protected areas in Russia.The laws of our country give them the status of protected areas.What is different from the national park reserve?In the first case, the activities are limited entirely.In national parks there is no such prohibition, but also restrictions.


There are areas in which certain types of flora and fauna are protected.These institutions are called sanctuaries, which can visit anyone.It operates on a partial resolution of the economic activity.Installing tents, sites for recreation, riding a car or motorcycle immediately banned.The reserve can not be campfires, walking their dogs, as well as to hunt some animals.

What is different from the reserve of the National Park and Preserve?Based on the foregoing, it can be concluded that under the strictest control and protection fall within protected areas.In contrast, the free use of national parks and protected areas tourists are welcome.

country of unique natural complexes

Tanzania is a very interesting and unique country in the ecological sense.Twelve national parks, game reserves thirteen and thirty-eight protected areas have made this country a better place for lovers of tourism.

What is different from the national park reserve in Tanzania?As in other countries, this is a huge area, the home of the incredible number of animals and birds.Intact natural systems are under state protection.Poaching is strictly punishable by law, and visitors hunting for rare species of animals, expelled from the country.There are reserves in Tanzania and national parks, is working a large number of rangers and veterinarians.They count the number of livestock, as well as track the annual migration of animals.

What is different from the nature reserve and national park on the reserve?

First of all it should be noted that every project is designed to preserve the natural areas of the aggressive impact of human activities.The only difference is in the measures limiting such intervention.Under the most stringent controls are reserves, they are completely or partially insulated from economic use.Visiting these complexes occur in consultation with the curators of the zone.

In national parks any economic activity is almost completely eliminated, but not limited to visiting tourists.Sanctuaries, in contrast to the reserves, are the territory of natural systems, where custody is not subject to the entire object, and some of its components.It may be representatives of flora and fauna as well as historical, memorial or geological value.

Natural objects in our country

What is different from the national park reserve in Russia?All these areas are traditional and effective forms of environmental protection.The main difference between projects is that the land and water areas are in constant use of the reserves.It is curious that such a phenomenon characteristic only for our country.

Thus, in this article we looked at the difference between a nature reserve or national park reserve.Regardless of the name and purpose of objects should be aware that their appearance is due to the threat of extinction of certain biological complexes.It is necessary to take care of the nature, not only in nature reserves and national parks, but also beyond.