The most unusual trees World

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There are more than 100 thousand kinds of trees.Depending on the nature of the terrain and climate, they grow tall or short, thick and studded with large leaves or small needles.And there are instances that are unusual edible fruits.Today we tell what unusual and rare trees of the world live on our planet.

Bottle tree

This native of Namibia.Unusual trees of the world are not always useful and aesthetically pleasing.Bottle tree - is one of the most poisonous plants on our planet.Its sap is extremely dangerous.Earlier Bushmen used it as the strongest poison means that they wetted arrowheads.

it got its name because of the unusual shape of the barrel - its striking similarity with a bottle!Tree grows in the mountainous regions of the country.Flowers it is usually white or pink color, which to the center becomes dark red.

Tree Wawona

What are some unusual trees in the world?There are many, and one of them - Wawona (Uavona), native to the United States.This sequoia groves of Mariposa, located in one of the country's national parks.According to some reports, the giant trees about 2100 years.In 1969 it collapsed, unable to withstand the weight of snow on its crown.Height giant was 71.3 meters in diameter at the base of the trunk - 7,9 meters.For environmental reasons, Uavonu decided to leave in place, as this is quite a whopper able to create their own mini-ecosystem for insects, small animals and many plants.

In 1981, a huge tree cut fares.The tunnel turned out pretty spacious: 2.1 meters wide, 2.7 meters high and 7.9 meters long.Since then, the amazing tree was one of the attractions of the United States.


These interesting trees of the world is quite difficult to find.In most cases, they can be found in Mexico.They are a distinctive feature and attraction of the temple of Ta Prohm.Mighty roots of the cotton tree braid ancient temple, and high bombaks grows to 60-70 meters.

peach palm

These amazing peace trees grow in Costa Rica and Nicaragua.Furthermore, they are found in South and Central America.

peach palm are rows of sharp iron spikes placed rings on the entire surface of the trunk - from the roots up to the top.

The plant reaches a height of 20 meters, and the leaves grow to a length of three meters.Once indigenous people ate the fruit of the tree for food after they strayed a bit.But today fermented fruit of the palm tree remains a favorite treat.

Dairy tree

These unusual trees grow in the world of South and Central America.They were named so because of the latex, both in appearance and taste reminiscent of cow's milk.It is tasty and useful, contains vegetable waxes, water, sugar.But more viscous and dense than the present milk.

For beverage timber on the bark incision is made, which substitutes any capacity.An hour is going to about 1 liter of juice.Unlike natural cow's milk, milky sap, even in the tropics does not deteriorate during the week.

Trees of the world: breadfruit

In Oceania, many unusual plants.Along with the coconut tree which gives butter and milk, in this territory grows amazing breadfruit.It bears fruit "rolls" up to 12 kg.Pulp oval fruits accumulate starch, which in aggregate fruits ripening turns into dough.Ripe gifts tree with yellow-brown shell, baked, and then their taste reminiscent of slightly sweet white bread.By the way, the raw pulp is stored poorly, but the crackers do not deteriorate for a long time.

candy tree

Often trees amaze the world not only for its unusual appearance, but also the amazing fruit.For example, in the South East Asia in the woods you can see Hoven sweet - a tree that looks like a lime tree, taller than 15 meters.

His juicy and thick stalk half (47%) consist of sucrose and tastes like raisins with rum flavor.In the fall enough to shake the tree, these fragrant "candy" fall intact bunches.On the one Hoven harvest more than 35 kilograms.


In the area of ​​the Panama Canal on the trees you can see the real candles.The fruits of these plants contain large amounts of fat.Locals are inserted into the middle of the wick and use them for lighting homes.It is important that the flame of the "candle" burns brightly and totally smokes.

Oil tree

agree that trees of the world are able to surprise even the most experienced expert in botany.Get at least a unique tree oil (Hang), which grows in the Philippines.

Its fruits contain virtually pure oil.In recent years the country developing a new technology is the use of the fruits of this tree as a source of fuel for the engine.


But the natives of America were able to resolve the issue of detergents using soap trees.Soapberry grows on the peninsula of Florida.Lightly rubbing it ripe fruit, you will receive abundant lather.It should be noted that both locals and do not use soap.

Quil A growing on the western slopes of the Andes, covered with bark contains saponin - a substance that creates lather.Things laundered with this crust, do not fade and do not fade.

Tree Keppel

in India is growing another amazing tree - Keppel.Its fruits are so fragrant that a person, they tasted, the smell of sweat becomes violet.

These fruits the size of an apple, covered with thick skin and have a sweet and juicy pulp.The taste they resemble mangoes and grapes.Growing on a tree trunk in small groups (a few pieces).

most beautiful trees of the world

flora of our planet is very diverse, its representatives are not considered.Trees, shrubs, flowers ... dwarfs and giants, and not very useful, beautiful and homely in appearance - they are certainly interesting and worthy of attention.Now we are interested in the most beautiful tree in the world.According to experts, it is growing in a park in Tochigi (Japan).This wisteria planted in 1870.

its branches are supported so that they form a flower umbrella.From mid-April to mid-May at the wisteria can be seen unusually beautiful flowers.


Trees of the world, photos of which you can see in this article, are astonishingly varied.Albitius or sleeping tree - a large plant belonging to the legume family.His height - about 12 meters.The tree has a spreading umbellate crown.Distributed in the Caucasus and Central Asia.

rare trees

The oldest tree in the world - pine Methuselah.Her age - more than 4850 years.It received its name in honor of the Biblical hero who was considered the main long-lived in the world.

tree growing in the United States, more precisely, in the mountain range of Wight Mauntis.The exact location where the pine grows, known only to botanists, leading her observation.This is explained by the desire to protect the secrecy of the old-timer from vandals.Many tourists go to the mountains to find a relic, but their attempts are usually unsuccessful.

Pine Methuselah - it's not just a tree, a symbol of eternity.It seems to be dead, but at the same time each of its branch full of life.

"Tree of Life"

Perhaps it is the lonely tree in the world.And the only thing that grows in the desert sands of Bahrain.

"Tree of Life" or "Hadzharat al Haya" (Shajarat al-Hayah), as it is called, this unique local residents, turned 400 years old, but the most interesting is not his age, or that this is a very rare specimen.Scientists can not understand how the acacia managed to live for centuries in the desert, completely without water, while exuding vitality.

Wood Dragon

This amazing tree growing on one of the Canary Islands.Scientists believe that it from 650 to 1500 years.It consists of several shafts that are tightly entwined with each other and grow up.Wood dragon crowned canopy of dense foliage.It was named so because of the resin, which is released when the cut leaves or bark.Local people believe that the blood of the dragon, which has dried up.The resin used for the treatment of various diseases.

Tule Tree

This is a very large tree, belonging to the Mexican mind Taksodium that grows in the city of Oaxaca (Mexico).He has the biggest girth of the trunk (58 meters).His age is about 2000 years.Previously, many have argued that it is not a single tree, and three, fused together.But doubts have disappeared after the tests.It has been found that this one plant.Perhaps this is the most unusual tree in the world.Photos can be seen in many textbooks on biology and, of course, on this page.

In 1994, the relic yellowed leaves and branches began to dry up.The scientists decided that the tree dies, but when it examined by experts tree disease, it became clear that this giant is just not enough moisture.

Tree Sri Maha Bodhi Tree Bodhi

unusual structure is different: it has a huge dome and aerial roots hanging down to the ground.To witness this amazing plant that will have to go to Sri Lanka and visit the temple in Bodhgaya.The representative flora supposedly named after the Hindu merchants sell goods sitting beneath him, but according to another version, it was not so.It is believed that the process has grown from Bodhi sacred tree under which Buddha attained enlightenment great in the VI century BC.