Garnier BB Cream, reviews and descriptions

BB Cream (abbreviation «BB» means «blemish balm» - «remedy deficiencies") was originally created by German cosmetician as a therapeutic product - he subscribed to a patient in need of serious reconstruction of the facial skin after surgeries.

Asian manufacturers popularized miracle tool and made it accessible to ordinary people.Prevalence of BB-creams in the East could not long remain unnoticed by western brands: Now various companies almost every month released its own variation of the product.One of the first was "Garnier".Moreover, their vehicle enjoys great popularity.What is good and what is bad Cream "Garnier BB"?Feedback from customers and the manufacturer promises are compared in this article.

Cosmetics Garnier known its availability to the consumer, and the company - responsible attitude to the environment in the world.The brand does not specialize in the production of decorative cosmetics - this can be considered an important part in assessing the resulting product because BB-Cream - a

kind of replacement tone means.

BB-cream from Garnier combines the properties of tone and moisturizer.It can also be used as a makeup base.Official summary reports that the cream performs six functions at once: it moisturizes and smoothes the skin, gives it shine, protects from ultraviolet radiation, prevents the formation of wrinkles and corrects the complexion.Lightweight, does not clog pores and containing vitamin C - all of this cream "Garnier BB '.Product reviews confirm and refute some of these properties.

According to buyers, the cream has a wet finish, that is, makes the skin glow, but it does not seem greasy.The tool is distributed without problems in the face due to its light texture.Cover loose - a cream suit only those who need to cover up no more than a slight reddening.It is also confirmed that the tool does not clog pores and is safe for daily use.

However, not everyone is suitable cream "Garnier BB '.Feedback from customers and note some of the shortcomings of the product.Mentioned above loose coating and wet finish will suit not all: means definitely not suitable for people with a problem, and / or oily skin.In addition, the cream has a degree of protection against solar radiation equal only SPF15.It's not enough to use the product in the summer and spring, when the skin is exposed to the greatest risk.

summarize: the cream "Garnier BB" ratings which are mainly very positive, it may be superfluous to purchase for your cosmetics.Owners of dry or normal skin, not prone to the appearance of visible defects will appreciate its pleasant light texture and moisturizing effect.Among other things, the price is very low means: depending on the store, it can vary, but will never exceed 500 rubles.If you do not like classical Asian BB-creams with their dense texture and whitening effect, or you did never used such means before - try cream Garnier, perhaps it is ideal for you.