As before the New Year to get rid of acne?

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How to spoil your face and irritate the hated pimples!But soon the New Year holidays and acne may just spoil our Christmas mood.

But acne - not just a cosmetic defect, but serious skin disease, which has many varieties.To it leads malfunction of the sebaceous glands that work tirelessly in the thickness of the skin.

In a few months from the skin soft, smooth and velvety becomes rough, shiny, porous.Horny cork, sealed and tensile sebaceous glands become black from the dirt outside.These points are called non-inflamed comedones.Inside clogged ducts are actively multiplying bacteria and inflamed comedones - blush, start to hurt, to grow large quantities of a pea, and often crowned with abscess.By merging with each other, they form large dense knots painful and sometimes pustules.This rash, if not treated, can furrow the face scars.Fortunately, modern skin care allows to do away with acne without sacrificing appearance.

Never squeeze acne vulgaris, but be sure to remove the comedones using a deep cleansing.Bosh face, put a special mask, wash it off after 20 minutes of cold boiled water and wipe the skin lotion.

mask recipe is not difficult and can be made at home:

- Add the beaten egg whites 2-3 drops of lemon juice.

- Mix a teaspoon of pharmacy tincture of calendula to 6-8 mashed berries black or red currants (fresh or frozen) and half a teaspoon of flour.

- Spread the tomato pulp with a teaspoon of camphor alcohol.

A few more tips:

• Do not rely on antibacterial soap, touted as a remedy for acne.It is well dries the epidermis, but not very successfully treats.

• Use cleansing, nourishing, protective and decorative cosmetics only water-based - oil contributes to acne.

• Try not to touch the face with his hands, and in fact, many do it automatically, adjusting makeup or in thought, and did not wipe the face with a towel.After washing, use disposable paper or linen cloth (the last day wash with soap and iron an iron).

• If these measures do not help, do not waste your precious time - contact your dermatologist.The doctor will select the appropriate antibiotic medication or recommend an antibacterial cream, antiseptic solutions and ointments.

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