How to save on food, clothing and utilities

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family budget management begins with the fact that the unit of society should clear idea available at a particular moment and in the future income and expenses.To begin with, that no one person can not do without water, food, and cool climate conditions of Russia - without clothes and warm housing.

order not to cause injury (it will save money on doctors and medicine), you must calculate the daily kalorazh for each family member.For men, not engaged in heavy labor, it is a minimum of one calorie per 1 kg of body weight multiplied by 24 hours.For a woman - 0.9 calories per kilogram of body weight x 24 hours.Further, it makes sense to know that the optimum health is the consumption of a part of the protein, and fat 1.2 parts 4.6 parts carbohydrates.Based on these data, it is necessary to calculate what about products worth buying, and how much they can do.

Power today is not cheap, so many people worried about the problem, how to save on food.If revenues do not shine in height, it does not make sense to attend the expensive shopping online, especially since some products are supplied to the same producers as the cheapest in the hypermarkets.Walk to the store better with a piece of paper that lists the desired name, and have a few options on the menu, the alleged case will fall any large discount on a particular product.Also, no harm will be undershot before the visit to the store for groceries.

should pay attention to the products of farmers and state farms in the stores where products may be cheaper and fresher.Also, older people know how to save money on food by cooking their own hands.For example, some self-catering cottage cheese or cottage cheese, boiled condensed milk, make harvesting in autumn, which you can win between summer and winter the price of products.Someone growing part of their diet on their own plot.

also an option, how to save on food is to buy a smaller number of semi-finished products, which seldom contain adequate amounts of nutrients, which makes them qualitatively enough.Better to take the carcass of a fish, a piece of meat, raw vegetables and cook a full meal.

Once you have figured out how to save on food, you might think that with the help of which you can reduce the cost of clothing and look at this, "a million".This contributes to the production of models with their own hands, buying some items in bulk or in second-hand.If you plan to purchase in the form of a solid coat, it is better to take an expensive thing a classic style that will be relevant for several seasons.Buying such things better plan ahead, constantly postponing a certain amount, and, if necessary, by adding a small amount of money, borrowed.Life only "credit" is a very wasteful due to the fact that interest in the bank can be quite high.

How to save the family budget in the conditions of growing prices for utilities?Here you can take advantage of technological innovations, such as solar panels, which put advanced people of the cottages.Initial investments in such systems are quite high, but then allow you to use resources for a very modest price.If disposition is not to use high-tech, it makes sense qualitatively caulked windows, repair leaking taps, put counters and carefully read the incoming bills to identify correctly assessed amounts.Also save money contributes to a healthy lifestyle and an active search for discounts, sales and other events where the same goods can be purchased much cheaper.