Rhetorical question - is expressive stylistic device

in our vocabulary has long been stuck such a thing as a rhetorical question.It is a form of speech, designed to give it richness and expressiveness.In the modern world this term most often refers to a question that requires an answer.Let's try to understand everything in detail.

rhetorical question - is affirmative sentence, which only dressed in the questioner form.In such statements often sound the truth, there is no need to prove that.It can be as long familiar to all dogma ("And what Russian does not like to drive fast?" - Gogol) and statements addressed to a particular case or person ("Who comes into my head that the prisoner will be decided to run in the afternoon,in front of the whole prison? "- Maxim Gorky).As a rule, to the end of expressive narrative, interrogative sentences could put the appropriate punctuation, they work on the principle of the matter.

Delving into such a science, as the etymology (which studies the origin of words), it can be said that a rhetorical question - is an expression of the expression.It is necessary to impart additional colors our speech, to generate a particular effekta.Delo that the root of the word "rhetorical" is the term "oratory."And it has a direct relevance to the eloquence and oratory.Understand how to understand the rhetorical question can be carefully listened to the speeches of politicians, actors and diplomats.

Typically, this form of speech is often used in order to persuade the person or a certain group of people in anything.Rhetorical question - is the ability to make a person think that the approvable thing is clear, and it is to understand and accept.Often he "saves" in family quarrels, for instance, when a husband to his wife is trying to prove their loyalty ("Do you really think that I could have in our restaurant come up with another lady?"), And he is a very effective political tricks to persuadedevotion to a particular party or candidate most people.

To understand what it means to the rhetorical question in the literature, even easier.Suffice it to cite the example of the famous letter of Tatyana Larina, which begins with the words: "I write to you - what else?What else can I say? "Brilliant poet of the Golden Age, this stylistic device used to make a statement of character more emotional, expressive and intriguing.Similar examples in the Russian and foreign classics very much.We often do not notice it, but it was thanks to this uncomplicated reception teach poetry and even prose becomes much easier.

As it turned out, a rhetorical question - this is what is necessary for each of us to face all the time.He is irreplaceable in everyday speech, and in advertising, literature and politics.But if you delve into the study of rhetoric and eloquence, you can easily use it to attract more relevant people in your life.