Globalization: the positive effects of the global process

Today, the world space crowded with talk of such a thing as globalization.The positive impact of this process can not be overestimated.However, this phenomenon is so all-encompassing that it can not cause a definite response.Among the main results of the globalization processes should include the establishment of a new system of political and economic international relations.In particular, this is due to the departure of the past, characterized by confrontation between the US and the USSR.Although critics and release some negative points, the positive effects of globalization still outweigh them.

that globalization has given to man?

Initially, it should be noted that international relations were regulated market processes instead of political-ideological.This is the first thing is characterized by globalization.The positive effects of such a change are as immeasurable growth possibilities of humanity.This is primarily manifested in gaining unprecedented access to information, knowledge and expertise.There has been a rapid development of technology, the Internet - a child progress.Because of this people of the world are no longer isolated from each other.Other positive effects of globalization can be described in the following paragraphs:

  • Increased competition.Productivity grows, an increasing number of scientific developments.Countries characterized as socially stable areas become attractive for capital inflows.
  • competition at the international level contributes to lower commodity prices and increased choice.This is a definite plus for consumers.
  • benefits that globalization has given positive effects of this process are shown in the winnings, which receive side of free trade on mutually beneficial terms.
  • specialization and the international division of labor.The resources and funds are allocated as efficiently as possible.It helps to improve the living standards of the population, on average, an increase in the prospects of the population at lower cash costs.
  • Sustained economic growth as a result of economies of scale (cost reductions, lower prices).
  • Labour productivity increased at an international level as a result of the spread of new technologies, rationalization of production, as well as increased competition in favor of innovation.
  • By combining the forces of the world community becomes easier to solve environmental and other global problems.To fight such problems are sent to shared resources and coordinated action.
  • countries are able to mobilize financial resources to a much greater extent as a result of greatly increased the number of markets.


So, what is globalization?The positive effects of this global process can be described in one word - opportunity.This is an opportunity of developing countries to catch up with more advanced.The population of these countries an opportunity to live better, becoming more engaged in the work area.Technical achievements as a product of globalization and contribute to these goals.