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All people like to remember the past.Someone enjoys his memories, and someone is always sad, because it was better before.They say a person is attached to nostalgia.What does this mean?About


It should be noted that this term is of foreign origin."Nostalgia" - the Greek word by adding two parts form one and means "homesickness (his native land)."In everyday life this concept has introduced the Swedish doctor when the disease studied marvelous soldiers in foreign countries.The interesting thing was that upon returning to their homes these men fully recovered from his illness, although a few days ago it seemed that the man slowly dying, and the outcome of his life is simply inevitable.It is with nostalgia that time was considered a mental illness, which affects the majority of immigrants, people who left their home country forever.


little later, when the data of "disease" began to be interested more and more scientists, it has undergone some changes.It is now believed that nostalgia - a longing not for his native land, and in his past.After all, most of the patients remembered not any territorial features, namely, all that is associated with childhood, adolescence, youth, ie"Good times."This longing for his beautiful past, no matter where it is held.

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reasons why people begin to indulge in nostalgia?When this happens more often?After all, the young age of the disease is not overloaded.Longing for the past most often occurs in older people, as well as in singles.Only when there is a time to reminisce, they can begin to torment the man.If he is young, it is practically not sitting still.He simply has no time to indulge in despondency.The same applies to a person who is constantly surrounded by people.If it is in constant motion, nostalgia for the past simply did not have time to overtake him.

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youth of today thinks that today live much better than before.But somehow our grandmothers always remember his youth, and that was very savory.Why are they inherent nostalgia for the Soviet Union, because today historians say that while it was difficult to live?Here the explanation is quite simple.Whatever the heavy youth, it will always be the sweetest person, a pleasant period of life.And it is not about the money or the availability of material goods.It's all in a state of mind when everything seems to be in front, open spacious and bright life road, and the man is full of strength and energy."Grandma" Soviet nostalgia - this is just a memory of youth, with all its charms, worries and troubles.It's safe to say that after a while today's young people will idealize this period of time, giving it some special features pleasant, despite all the hardships of this life.That is nostalgia - those pleasant memories, which so wants to indulge, even though it is sometimes very hard.