Terms of Business Michael Dell

founder of Dell error, planning, passion and an ideal opportunity ...

• my advantage when I started the business, was the fact that I knew nothing.My intuition led, free of preconceptions.

• To think outside the box, do not have to be a genius, a visionary, and even university graduates.Enough to have a ground for reflection and the ability to dream.

• Sometimes it's better not to ask, and do not listen when people tell you that this is not feasible.I just went and did what I had in mind.

• The first thing that had to learn - is the relationship between the number of failures and lessons learned: the more mistakes I made, the more time to learn.

• So far so good, it is easy to decide that you are invincible.But this is the point where you are weakest.

• It always seemed more natural to build a business based on the real needs of the client, and not on our perception of them.

• We must believe in what you're doing.

• If you have a real concept, paying no attention to those who will inspire you to converse, and hire employees fully share your views.

• Always nice to do what others consider impossible or even improbable.

• Emotional decisions without thorough analysis, especially in the difficult moments, will inevitably lead to the collapse.

• Planning - one of those areas where the experience is more important than natural intelligence.

• As head of the company, whether big or small, you can not do everything alone.In fact, you almost can not do anything alone.

• I can come without warning on the factory floor to talk to the workers and to understand how to really go at them business.

• We try not too proud of successes.

• I am of the opinion that much of the confusion that takes place today in large corporations, is due to the limited communication and complex hierarchical culture.

• Just win the customer, there is little, the real challenge is to bring it in delight, and not once.

• The only means of communication that may be more effective than the internet - this is a direct transfer of thoughts.

• Do not play the VIPs.Customers appreciate a lot more trusting partnership.

• Complexity can ruin everything ... the closeness always pay off.

When you start a new business, amazing and almost crazy what you can not determine what exactly is your problem

• Well, when friends are always there, and when a number of providers - even better.

• If your market share is calculated by single digits and you have to compete with the big companies - you either learn how to diversify or perish.

• What others find fault, turn into an advantage.

• Sometimes a good offense - the best protection.

• success - a dangerous thing, because at this point you are invincible and vulnerable at the same time.

• Do not waste your time to choose the perfect opportunity, so you miss the right path.

• you found your vocation or just looking for passion to be the fire that leads you.

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